Bowie's Blackstar Bash


South Florida celebrated the life of the Music Legend, David Bowie, on the one year anniversary of his passing. SoundBite Magazine presented Bowie’s Blackstar Bash, a celebration of David Bowie's legacy with South Florida’s leading talent. Local music artists performed their original renditions of Bowie’s classics. Guests danced to David Bowie's music mixed by DJ Osean Liranz. A special appearance was made by the Goblin King and his magical juggling acts. Guests entered a raffle to win a unique David Bowie painting by surreal artist, Pachi @pachidesigns.

The Citadel

The lively performance by the Citadel pumped up the audience. They performed an entertaining performance of songs such as "Golden Years," "Ziggy Stardust," and "Let's Dance." The band members are Thomas Tarpey III, guitarist and singer, Derek McLean, guitarist and singer, Dale Pohly, bassist and singer, and Austen Erblat, drummer.


Anastasia Max

Anastasia Max are a vintage duo. They performed enigmatic renditions of David Bowie's songs, "Life on Mars" and "Moonage Daydream."



Sofilla began her music career in 2011, since she released her debut single “Remedy” which has gained over 30 thousand plays on Spotify alone. Her most recent release was a self-titled EP “Sofilla”. Her sound is a mix of Rock with touches of Latin Inspirations, Jazz, Funk, and Soul.



Killmama was birthed from nasty relationships in which brought passionate musicians, Sophie Sputnik and Rob Kingsley, together. The artists were torn by love and music. Their musical desires flourished by collectively thrashing and being disorderly. They collaborated on a song in 2012 then contacted a music venue and played the song at an open mic the next night. Their band practices were their impromptu live shows. These unscripted experiences have built their character over these past years. The mighty duo performance rely on their unified energy. They entice their audience with their forceful and intimate performances. They engage the audience by inviting a guest to perform with them on the stage. Their live performances are dramatic and grungy. Their dynamic musical movement encompasses love and soul. "The passion for music is prepared and baked such as chocolate chip cookies... soft cookies, hard cookies, chewy cookies, all types of cookies. We need them to survive."


Similar Prisoners

Similar Prisoners electrifying and vibrant tracks take the listener to vintage musical eras of Psychedelia. The group's leader, composer and producer, Adrian Lopez, masters the production of albums by multi-layering and synthesizing the tracks. His high pitched singing are reminiscent of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker's alluring vocals. The group defines their genre as Midnight Psychedelic Rock, musical pastiche of pre-80's rock. Their enriched sound is influenced by 1960's and 1970's Psychedelic Rock and Glam Rock. The group performed a vivacious rendition of "Jeepster" by British Glam Rock group, T.Rex. The stylish band members are Adrian Lopez, singer/guitarist, Elliott Day, drummer, Pietro Scaffitto, bassist, and Thomas Tarpey, keyboardist/guitarist.