How Cheap Trick, Sebastian Bach, and Joan Jett Individuality Changed The Music Industry With Their Unapologetic Self-Expression Through Sound


Cheap Trick, Sebastian Bach, and Joan Jett bring the perfect balance of classic rock-n-roll to their music by providing their own fierce and unique edge to their music that makes them memorable and iconic in the industry.



Cheap Trick runs on the wild side with untamable belts and instrumentals that seem to be entirely improvised with unpredictable intentions. It only seems to magnify their passion for music and the electrifying atmosphere for the audience to submerge into. Every song seems to have a show-stopping hook or angelic chorus leaving hearts racing and wanting more.  


Sebastian Bach intriguing and blunt metal-rock presence makes him stand out from the crowd by being so up front and in your face with his on-stage persona giving audiences no choice but to react. He seems to be very interactive and aware of his audience on stage, ultimately adding his stellar and unforgettable performances. It is very transparent Bach has an undeniable love for metal and experimenting his sound into other music genres and songs, which gives anticipation for audiences what song he is going to mask with metal next.



Joan Jett needs no introduction; she has dominated the rock-in-roll scene for decades now leaving high expectations for artist following her. Her trademarks, signature style, and personality flourish on stage, where no persona is needed because it is a "what you see is what you get" type of experience.

These three artists all bring vastly different musical experiences and authenticity to the music industry, but their undeniable passion for music makes them all come together as legends.

Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine and Coverage by Alexis Karr

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