The Interrupters and SWMRS live at Theater of The Living Arts Philadelphia



Last winters Interrupters gig in Philly was cancelled due to a major snowstorm so when word got out of this tour I lost it. In addition to the Interrupters this tour also included SWMRS, The Regrettes and Mt Eddy, which in my opinion is a rather sick lineup.

If you’re into the ska music scene you should know who the Interrupters are, and if you don’t, well you need to. The Interrupters wrapped up a series of South American gigs with Green Day on Nov 17 and wasted no time getting back on the bus to visit their fans in North America. The last time I saw The Interrupters was last winter while on tour with the Dropkick Murphys and I was stoked to see them headlining this gig.

On the road with The Interrupters and serving as co-headliner the Cali based punk band SWMRS. This band has collaborated with some of the best in the business including Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) who produced two of their albums, and is the father of the bands drummer Joey Armstrong. SWMRS are a spirited band that play a sort of Cali beach / punk music with attitude and were a great addition to this lineup. The Interrupters were formed in 2011 and hail from Southern California with band members Aimee Allen on lead vocals, Kevin Bivona on guitar and vocals, Justin Bivona on bass and vocals and Jesse Bivona on drums. The band is a Hellcat / Epitaph Records recording artist whose sophomore album "Say it Out Loud" dropped in 2016. This is a hard working band that isn’t afraid to put miles on the tour bus and has shared the stage with the likes of Rancid, Green Day and the Dropkick Murphys to name a few.

The Interrupters took the stage wearing their trademark gear, white shirts, skinny ties and red socks for the guys and Dr. Martens, Fred Perry and a fedora on Aimee. So, do you wanna see a crowd loose it? Watch this band open a show with "A Friend Like Me" By the time this song was half over the energized crowd had formed a large circle pit front and center. The bands stage presence was insane with Aimee working the crowd on the barrier with hugs and handshakes while not skipping a single beat. Kevin and Justin ripped through song after song while standing on elevated platforms and got some serious airtime thought out the show as well. The Interrupters weaved their way through this high-energy set including a mix of old new and cover. They ended their set with a blazing version of Sound System by Operation Ivy followed by Family. I spent some time talking with people after the show that were there with their kids, (some very young) and it made me smile thinking that the next generation ska/punk fans were being introduced to the scene by The Interrupters. Check out the Interrupters website for shows near you.



SWMRS co-headlined this show (and tour) and are a Fueled by Ramen Record recording artist with band members Cole Becker on lead vocals and guitar, Max Becker on guitar and vocals, Seb Mueller on bass and Joey Armstrong on drums. The bands latest album "Drive North" was released In Feb of 2016. Having never seem SWMRS before I had no idea what to expect. I was seriously surprised by how many people were there to see them, and when their set was over I understood. SWMRS are a skate/surf high-energy punk band with a clear Cali influence. The band opened their set with "Palm Trees" and closed it with "Drive North" with no let up in between.

Extreme crowd surfing and an almost violent pit seemed the norm for this set. Beckers murderous vocals and cutting guitar riffs complimenting Armstrong’s drum beats got everyone on edge. This crowd was a collective wave of movement from start to finish with Becker and band mates feeding off the energy. When this set was over SWMRS had played thirteen songs total including the encore. Visit for all things SWMRS.



The Southern California punk band The Regrettes provided support to the headliners tonight and are a Warner Bros Records record artist whose debut album "Feel your Feelings Fool" dropped last January. The Regrettes band members are Lynda Night on lead vocals and guitar, Genessa Gariano on vocals and guitar, Sage Chivas on bass and Maxx Morando on drums. Most of the music I listen to on a day-to-day basis are support artist from other gigs I’ve attended, and I think the trend will continue with The Regrettes. I loved this band; they had a retro surf sound with some punk attitude thrown in for good measure that the crowd really responded to. Their music was a fast and wild whirlwind of guitars and drumbeats that played perfectly with Night’s unique vocal style. Most bands and performers in general take years to develop confidence and stage presence, not this band. The Regrettes have been a band since 2015, that’s only two years. This band took to the stage like pure veterans with Lynda Night wasting no time getting right in the crowd, up close and personal. Check out The Regrettes at



Oakland California punkers Mt Eddy opened the show tonight and are an Uncool Record Recording Artist whose latest "Chroma" dropped this past June. Mt Eddy band members are Jakob Danger, Chris Malaspina, Enzo Malaspina and Kevin Judd.

Coverage by Patrick Gilrane

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