Arkells Take Over Budweiser Stage With July Talk, Said The Whale, and Mondo Cozmo


The Canadian rockers Arkells played a blistering high energy show in front of a hometown crowd of over sixteen thousand fans this past Saturday night, which also included a insanely good cast of support acts including July Talk, Mondo Cozmo and Said The Whale. This is my review. So to be honest I had no idea who the Arkells were prior to a cold winter night at a Frank Turner show in Philadelphia. They were one of the support acts and absolutely stunned the crowd, in a really good way! When the night was done I drove home, hit iTunes for a bit of their music, a new fan is born.  Arkells hail from Hamilton Ontario, Canada and have been a around since 2006, their record label is Last Gang Records and these are the band members: Max Kerman, Lead vocals and guitar, Mike DeAngelis, Vocals and guitar, Nick Dika, bass, Tom Oxford, drums, and Anthony Carone, Vocals, keyboard and guitar. 

At around 9:30 Saturday night the lights go down, and crowd erupts as Max Kerman and Arkells take the stage to their hit "Private School" and not a single person is sitting down. From this point on this show seems more like an all out party than a concert. The band worked through a set of older and newer music while the fans dance, scream and sing along, the energy from the band and fans is just simply crazy!  The set list included Michigan Left, Pulling Punches, Savannah, Cynical Bastards and their new song "Knocking At The Door" to name a few. All ticket holders were given a commemorative Arkells event pint glass when entering the venue, we’ll talk about why in a minute buts it’s for more than having a beer. Things are coming to an end, the band finishes its set and leaves the stage and the crowd goes wild while holding lit up phones. A few minutes later the band returns to the stage to "My Heart’s Always Yours" and automatically everyone’s glasses light up casting a red glow through the arena during the encore, unreal! The final song of the night was a Bruce Springsteen cover of Dancing In The Dark with the members of July Talk, Mondo Cozmo and Said The Whale all joining Arkells on stage, an incredible ending to wildly good show! This was one of the best shows I have seen, the energy of Arkells and their fans were second to none, loved it!   





The co-headliner for this show was an alternative rock band called July Talk, formed in 2012 in Toronto and is currently an Island Records Band. These are the members: Peter Dreimanis, Vocals, keyboard and guitar, Leah Fay, guitar and vocals, Ian Docherty, guitar, Josh   Warburton ,bass, and Danny Miles, drums. July Talk has an incredible stage presence with Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay out front for the band. The chemistry between these two are something to see, with Fay taking the stage wearing a red and white pants suit with a rainbow belt and matching eye makeup.  The set began with Picture Love and the crowd was all in! The set continued with Dreimanis and Fay gyrating around the stage, Fay’s movements were almost cat like while always gazing right at the crowd. They continued the set playing Guns and Ammunition, Push Pull, and Ace of Spades. The combination of music and movement had the crowd totally involved, this band is mesmerizing to watch live to say the least. The set ended with The Garden and I was sad to see it over. I loved July Talk , there music is unique and hard driving and their on stage performance is killer !   


Opening Act one for this show was Vancouver BC based Said The Whale who is a Hidden Pony Records band originally formed in 2007. I thought they were a great addition to this lineup and the crowd really enjoyed their sound. 



Opening Act two for this Show was a Folk Rock performer originally from Philadelphia but currently resides in L.A. called Mondo Cozmo, he is a Universal Public recording artist. I really enjoyed Mondo Cosmo, as did the crowd, he had a really great sound and happens to be playing in Philadelphia, my hometown, this September. 

I loved this entire show especially when all the bands reunited on stage for Arkells encore . This was truly a event I won't forget! I would like to thank Arkells for putting this whole thing together, the super folks at Last Gang Records for the assistance when needed , the Live Nation site reps who were totally professional and really nice and last but certainly not least Arkells Canadian fans who were way cool awesome people .   

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Coverage & photography by Patrick Gilrane

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