Stummer Jam 2017


On Saturday August 19 StrummerJam 2017 rolled into the iconic Stone Pony in Asbury Park New Jersey. Produced by musician Jesse Malin and radio personality Jeff Raspe, StrummerJam 2017 featured local musicians as well as national artists including Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem, Craig Finn & Tad Kubler of The Hold Steady, Ted Leo, Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus, Richard Barone of The Bongos, Daniel Rey of The Dictators, Mike Montali & Jonathan Bonilla of Hollis Brown, Anthony D'Amato, Danny Clinch, Don DiLego, RB Korbet of Even Worse, Doug Zambon of The Vansaders, Matty Carlock and more. StrummerJam is scheduled to coincide with the birthday of the late, great Joe Strummer who’s 65th birthday is August 21. StrummerJam events have been scheduled all around the world, organized by musicians, promoters, show venues, record labels, DJ’s and are local events that support local charities. The beneficiary of this event is Music and Memory whose mission is to help people in nursing homes and other care organizations who suffer from a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges to find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music. For details and to learn how you can help visit the charities website at   

The night began with event coordinator Jeff Raspe acting as the evening’s MC, explaining to the crowd the specifics of the Joe Strummer Foundation and the work it does supporting local charities through these events. There were four musical acts prior to the Strummerjam part of the show, where veteran local rocker Jesse Malin lead his band including the shows special guests through a blistering set of Clash covers that shook the Stone Pony!   

First act of the night was a local musician named Matty Carlock who’s unmistakable Jersey sound was a great addition to this lineup, singing his new single “Meet Me On The Parkway” as well as Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City”. Being a fan of folk punk music, I thought Matty’s set was on point and look forward to more of his music. Matty’s night wasn’t over when his set was done, he returned to the stage during the Strummerjam portion to deliver an absolutely stunning version of White Riot!   



Next artist of the night was New Yorker Kris Gruen, Kris’s latest music is an EP called Duos and Trios which was released in 2015. Stylistically speaking Kris was a good addition to this show with the crowd really responding to his music. Kris is also no stranger to the shows other artists and in fact spent a bit of time on the road with none other than Jesse Malin.  



Next up onstage was The Vansaders, a local Asbury Park band. The Vansaders latest work is an EP called “No Matter What” which was produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist Pete Steinkopf. The Vansaders   delivered a fast paced, high energy set of Jersey style punk rock to the near capacity crowd who loved every minute. In addition, Vansaders front man Doug Zambon performed “Tommy Gun” during the StrummerJam portion of the show.  



Next to hit the stage at the Pony was event Co-organizer and local veteran rocker Jesse Malin. Jesse is a Velvet Elk Records artist who has a new EP out called “Meet Me at The End of The World”. Jesse has worked with artists including Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Green Day and has a very deep rock / punk pedigree. Jesse’s bandmates include Derek Cruz on guitar, Cat Popper on bass, Randy Schrager on drums, Christine Smith on keyboards as well as Danny Ray on sax and Indofunk Satish on trumpet. Jesse and his band tore through a scorching set at the Pony, playing a mixture of old and new music, to say he owned that crowd would be an understatement. If you ever have the opportunity to see Jesse and his band live don’t miss it, his style of punk / urban rock is truly something to see!   



I have no idea where Jesse Malin and band got the energy, but not ten minutes after his own set he was back on stage for the StrummerJam portion of the show. This portion featured an insane setlist of Clash covers to honor the late great joe Strummer which included performances (setlist below) by Dan Rey, Matty Carlock, Patrick Stickles, Richard Barone, Doug Zambon, Hollis Brown, RB Korbet, Jesse Malin, Anthony D’Amato, Ted Leo, Don DiLego, Danny Clinch, Supla, Craig Finn & Tad Kubler of The Hold Steady and last and certainly not least the one and only Brian Fallon. While I loved this entire show, this was by far the best part of the evening. The energy from the artists and the crowd was just insane, the place was literally shaking! In closing I can honestly say that I’m already looking forward to what’s in store for 2018!      



I would like to congratulate the event organizers Jeff Raspe and Jesse Malin for a wildly successful night of great local music, and it’s important to note that all performers and related workers volunteered their time for this event. I also would like to personally thank the event organizers for the opportunity to cover / photograph this event! To keep up to speed on Joe Strummer Foundation news please visit, and remember, “Without people you’re nothing.”   





Straight to Hell – Jesse Malin                                   Janie Jones – Daniel Rey  

White Riot – Matty Carlock                                      Clampdown – Patrick Stickles  

Complete Control – Patrick Stickles                        Rock the Casbah – Richard Barone 

 Tommy Gun – Doug Zambon                                  Brand New Cadillac – Hollis Brown 

The Keys to Your Heart – RB Korbet                       City of The Dead – Jesse Malin                                    

Bank Robber – Anthony D’Amato                           Death or Glory – Ted Leo 

Coma Girl – Ted Leo                                                  Silver and Gold – Don DiLego / Danny Clinch 

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – Supla                      Hateful – Craig Finn / Tad Kubler 

Johnny Appleseed – Craig Finn / Tad Kubler         Rudie Can’t Fail – Brian Fallon 

I Fought The Law – ALL                                              London Calling - ALL 


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Coverage & photography by Patrick Gilrane

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