Let The Revival Begin with Legendary Musicians William Bell, Don Bryant, Bobby Rush, and Al Kapone At The Take Me To The River Concert Series


Take Me To The River is the revival of Mississippi's most adored, admired, and iconic blues and r&b legends William Bell, Don Bryant, Bobby Rush, and Al Kapone, whose passion and drive for this genre of music transparently flourishes throughout their soulful melodies and stage presences. They have all come together to celebrate an unforgettable celebration of the genre that made them all, adding the new twist and astonishing collaborations. Bringing the cherished and iconic legends alongside a new generation of musicians and fans are sure to create some magic on the stage.

Bell's beautifully imperfectly raspy voice melts perfectly with the nostalgic instruments that created the blues phenomenon. Bell suggests a range of lyrical content with I Forgot To Be Your Lover, the recollections of the journey that has made him the man he is today. He is unapologetically raw, revealing both the euphoric and unfortunate events that he has faced through his life through storytelling. His work is slightly experimental; he has started to incorporate tastes of different genres into his work adding a little bit of pop and folk into his traditional music practice. He brings a level of substance and feeling when he performs; you can hear the passion radiating through the melodies unleashed on stage.

Don Bryant showcases a dominating stage presence when he hits the stage belting and calling out to the audience in excited relief like he is back home on stage. His vocals and the bold instrumentals seem to be in this beautifully rambunctious a tug a war, fighting for the electric attention of the audience. He is a respected artist in the blues revelation.

Bobby Rush experiments by separating with the iconic and expected musical aesthetic he is known for by creating a more simplified sound. By doing so, Rush showcases talents that are usually overpowered by the signature style he uses to bring to audiences. He has found a groovier and pack-filled sound, but never the less will never resist including a witty joke or two in the maze of his lyrical content.

Al Kapone enlightens audiences about the exploitation of the city and culture that the fellow artists admire and owe to their discovery as artist and individuals. He brings awareness about the importance of reviving the passion and respect of a genre, place, and artist is for the future generations.

Take Me To The River was indeed a monumental experience and revolution for the blues and r&b community. Bringing together beloved artist with a new generation is undoubtedly extraordinary. Cheers to a lifetime legendary music!

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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