Scream. Dance. Rage. Repeat. Those Are The Only Rules When Attending Emo Night Brooklyn Disobey And Beware Of The Consequences


Emerge yourself in a legendary commemoration and wave nostalgia to the music of your past and be apart of the unapologetic passionate roars of your favorite throwback songs and artist with Emo Night Brooklyn at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida this past weekend.

Emo Night Brooklyn's DJ and co-creator Ethan unleashed an unavoidable amount of energy as he sporadically moved and grooved around the stage. He undoubtedly created these nirvanic vibrations with his energetic reactions to the spot-on song selections played throughout the night. His authentic passion for his pop-punk roots ultimately helped formed this intense connection with the audience as every iconic throwback was blasted through the atmosphere of the venue.

It seemed as though this event was not about the leading man on stage, but about creating a community and sense of belonging for the audience. One night to be fully submerged in music and a chance to unapologetically be yourself.  A high volume of interaction was asked through the open-stage policy and song request option throughout the event. Loud roars, crowd surfacing, stage diving, wild dancing, mic grabbing, screaming the lyrics, and uncontrollable moshing were all encouraged throughout the night.

It would not be a pop-punk celebration without having a guest of honor at each event, so one of the guitarists of the band Memphis May Fire, Anthony Sepe, made an appearance and helped contribute to the pounding energy throughout the night.

That just shows how tight-knit and passionate the people are in this community regardless if they are an artist, event coordinator, or fan. Everyone comes together despite there differences as an undeniable bond is brought to the surface through an equally intense admiration for there pop-punk roots.

Coverage by Alexis Karr

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