PureHoney Mag Presents The 8th annual of BumbleFest


Presented by PureHoney, BumbleFest is back and is bigger and better than ever. Two nights, six stages and thirty seven bands performing in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. PureHoney is the only free arts and music with paper distribution in all three South Florida counties. The magazine contains event listings, band spotlights, and more. BumbleFest will feature performances by The Blank Tapes, Winter, Worn-Tin, Big Bliss, The Fantastic Plastics, Glass Body, Palomino Blond, Coolzey, and many more!

BumbleFest is spread across six stages: Kismet Vintage, Respectable Street (inside and outside), Voltaire, Hullabaloo, and Subculture Coffee.




Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist, Matt Adams, has produced dozens of 1960's inspired albums. The Blank Tapes tracks have been featured on Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm, and many more. Their latest effort, the “Super Bloom” EP is a collaboration of talented people. Adams is also the creator behind his band posters and albums cover.



Winter is a project of songwriter, Samira Winter, whose love for nostalgic imagery has inspired the Dream Indie Pop Rock group. During her college years, she met Nolan Eley, who assisted her in recording and producing Winter’s first EP “Daydreaming” and LP “Supreme Blue Dream.” In 2013, Samira relocated to Los Angeles where the group currently resides. Winter aspires to connect people to their inner child by making blissful and beautiful Dream Pop.



The Fantastic Plastics are a mixture of New Wave, Synth Punk, and Electro elements with Sci-Fi inspired lyrics. The band is based in New York City and describe themselves as “The Future of The Future.” The group consists of Miranda Plastic on synthesizer and Tyson Plastic on guitar and vocals. “Fifth Beatle” Dylan Plastic collaborates studio drums, bass, samples, video editing, and mesmerizing video installations.



Glass Body is a Miami, Florida based group, formerly known as The Water Colors. Glass Body’s music is portrayed as a “simple approach to melody, rhythm and harmony compressed into a visual/demonstration of human kind's emotional reactions.” The group will be performing their single, "Here Comes Ham," from their latest EP “Apathy.” With Malcolm on drums, Bridget on bass and vocals, and Sebastian on vocals and guitar. You are bound to rock out to their melodic guitar riffs and soul-psyche lyrics. Listen to their six track digital album here.



This four-piece Miami based Indie Rock group, Palomino Blond, was formed by accident. Carli Acosta and Kyle Fink were both in the music scene and after meeting they kept in contact. Running into each other on various occasions, they were planning to be members of another band until April 2018, when the pair decided to form, Palomino Blond. The band name is inspired by a species of tarantula that lives in the United States. Being rather connected to the local Miami music scenes, the band transitioned smoothly into the newly-formed band, we know today. With former connections and fans from their previous bands, Palomino Blond’s fan base grew rapidly. Palomino Blond inspires fellow artists through their hard work, determination, and diligence.

Listen to their 6-track EP available at palominoblond.bandcamp.com.


Coverage by Tia Powell

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