Behind the scenes with RDGLDGRN


RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red, Gold, Green) is taking music and making it their own by creating their own sound and not letting anything get in the way of the vision they have for their music. Marcus Paraham (Red)—guitarist—Andrei Busuicoceanu (Gold)—bassist – and Pierre Desrosiers (Green)—vocalist—have created a mixed sound of alternative rock, an island feel with some hip hop vibes and it's making waves in the music industry. From humble beginnings in Washington, D.C, the group started making music and in 2011 they uploaded their now popular song “I Love Lamp” to YouTube and within days it received 100,000 view. This lead to them being discovered by Sound City Records where Dave Grohl – Foo Fighter's front man—was filming a documentary. RDGLDGRN asked DaveGrohl to drum on the track and he would end up playing the drums on almost every record their self titled EP. They've also worked with other artists like Pharrell Williams, who co-wrote and co-produced their song “Doing the Most.”

RDGLDGRN is extremely passionate about what they do and diligent in being apart of the creative process. These three men not only write and perform their music, but they are behind every aspect of it. They produce their own tracks, make their own videos and cover art, they also design all their merchandise and sell it at their shows. "The way that record labels work slowed [RDGLDGRN] up. I think they're on their way. Its just that they gotta go touch the people." Williams said in RDGLDGRN's pledge crowd funding video. (

The boys are currently in the process of recording their second album and planning on touring this spring. But if you can't wait for the album to be released you can preorder the album at and listen to their previous self titled album to keep your anticipation at bay. With every preorder, you help fund touring and studio time as well as exclusive pledge only items like merchandise bundles, chances to win signed items and other goodies. RDGLDGRN is out to take the world by storm and you could help them by supporting their new music. Give their new song Opera featuring Method Man a listen and let their music move you.

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Event Coverage & Photography by Joey Banuelos