The OC celebrated the Love of Ska at Back to the Beach Fest


Live music, sunshine, and beach vibes rejuvenated festival goers at Back to the Beach Music Festival. The impressive event was curated by The World Famous KROQ, Travis Barker, and John Feldman of Goldfinger and collaborators of many more bands! The event hosted renowned artists on the relaxing landscape of Huntington Beach, California. The scenic festival featured an array of modern ska, punk, and reggae music that satisfied the tastes of eager and ecstatic participants. Audiences flocked to the main stage for a prime spot to catch performances by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 311, Sublime With Rome, Goldfinger, Save Ferris, The Interrupters, and more! Orange County embraced Back to the Beach with open arms as the festival promoted Ska music and the location of its' fruition in the area. 



Los Angeles' Ska-Punk group, The Interrupters, performed to an enthralled audience who reveled in their powerhouse rthythms. Aimee of the Interrupters ran and jumped across the stage and enticed the concertgoers grasping unto the guard rails. They held tightly for a chance to get closer to the beloved singer. For those seeing Aimee of the Interrupters for the first time, she is a sight to behold. Her petite figure embodies a full force of wide ranging deep vocals and high-strung on-stage live action. Listening to The Interrupters' music one can't help and just wants to dance and groove. Their riveting music moves the listener instantly as they are engrossed by the heavy ska melodies. The Interrupters announced their release of their upcoming album, "Fight the Good Fight" which will be available on June 29th!



Audience members adorned their Save Ferris tees for the highly anticipated show. The alluring bombshell, Monique Powell, stepped on stage and immediately captured the raging audience's attention. The vivacious red head recounted memories of growing up in the Orange County music scene. Her insightful comments on the Back to Beach Festival aligned with the mission statement of Travis Barker and John Feldman on the importance of preserving and promoting this unique and treasured music culture. She also reflect on her favorite venues that were prominent hubs for the OC scene. The audience cheered and danced as Save Ferris performed charming tracks, "Come On Eileen," "I Know," and more!



Goldfingers' John Feldman and Travis Barker have supported and impacted the local music scene tremendously. Back to the Beach only enforces what more these music heroes have to offer in enriching the Orange County music scene. Festival goers whole heartedly felt the positive impact the innovators and the festival organizers curated to help promote and re-instill the OC music scene and Ska and Punk culture. Goldfinger welcomed on the stage No Doubt's and Dreamcar's Tony Kanal to perform alongside them. Tony Kanal performed exhilarating guitar solos along to Travis Barker's masterful drumbeats. The screaming audience had their hands in the air in amazement of these talented musicians. 



Sublime with Rome brought the fun filled day to an affirmative close with a ceremonious set. The Long Beach natives performed various renditions of their Reggae Rock and Ska Punk tracks. As a surprise to audience members, they closed with their notable songs such as "Santeria." Audience members climbed unto their partners shoulders for an elevated glimpse of this legendary ensemble. Sublime with Rome's carefree performance was the ideal finale of the picturesque festival. Audience members were able to lay back and get lost in the rhythmic Reggae melodies.

Not only did Adult Punks enjoy the festival, their youngsters were also able able to enjoy Back to the Beach with free admission! The event offered a The Lil' Punk Kid Zone for families to bring their children during the festival for games, bounce houses, and a sandcastle demolition. The kid friendly event created a comfortable environment for parents to bring their children to this all day event while introducing them to their favorite bands.

During Back to the Beach, the musicians reflected on the importance of live music and the impact that Ska and Punk music has made on their musical careers. The band members also highlighted on the importance of spending time with one's families and spreading love and unity amongst each other. Back to the Beach was an unforgettable community event promoting the musical legends and modern day musicians along with the importance of enjoying and sharing life with one another. Back to the Beach will be welcomed with open arms in the coming years as people acknowledge the pure impact this festival has on the Orange County music scene, aspiring musicians, and community engagement.

Coverage by Veronica Potes of SoundBite Magazine

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