Charlotte Dances The Night Away with half•alive, JA Collective, and Sure Sure

Half•alive’s set kicked off with the track, “ok ok?,” which is the opening song on their new album Now, Not Yet. Next was the track, “RUNAWAY,” a single off of Now, Not Yet. One of the elements that makes half•alive performances special, is JA Collective. JA Collective is a dance duo who joins the band on stage. It is comprised of Jordan Johnson and Aidan Carberry. Lead singer, Joshua Tyler, also takes part in the dancing. During “RUNAWAY,” JA Collective entered the performance. The crowd went wild as soon as they stepped foot onto the stage. 

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Daniel Caesar Helps Charlotte Find “Love Again”

Daniel Caesar performed a sold out show at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. Daniel Caesar is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who is best known for his track, “Best Part” featuring H.E.R. He is currently touring the United States on his “CASE STUDY 01: TOUR,” and the city of Charlotte was lucky enough to be a part of it. Caesar had a unique way of making a sold out show feel intimate. 

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Patrick Retzer Releases Soulful Debut Single “Fade”

Harnessing years of experience spent honing his craft through collaborating alongside artists such as Dalal on various international documentaries, as well as touring extensively throughout North America as a guitarist in the alt-pop outfit, Future Feats, the passion to create innovative material of his own has always been something that local artist, Patrick Dean Retzer has kept “on the backburner” throughout his career.   

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Conan Gray Debuts “Comfort Crowd” to His Comfort Crowd

From making Youtube videos in a small Texan town to performing at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood, California, Conan Gray is living the dream. Conan Gray put on a tie as a headband and rocked the socks off of an intimate crowd of lucky fans at this secret show. 

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Ben Havok Talks “I.D.W.K.”, Music Inspiration, and Capturing “Lightning in a Bottle”

Only a mere two months after his second single stole our hearts with its edgy lyrics and electrifying riffs, sparks are once again flying for Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Ben Havok, as he makes a much anticipated dive back into the rock market. 

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The Regrettes Are Back with a New Album and a World Tour

The Regrettes are a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 2015 and their current lineup includes Lydia Nights, Ganessa Gariano, Brooke Dickson, and Drew Thomsen. The band made their debut with Feel Your Feelings Fool! and immediately caught attention of punk rockers. Their sound borrows inspiration from classic punk bands like Bikini Kill while at the same time they add their own style.

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Max Frost shows Charlotte how to dance on his headlining tour

From touring with Twenty One Pilots on the Bandito tour, to announcing his album and tour, Gold Rush, Max Frost has had a busy year. This is not new to Frost. In 2013, he began releasing music on Soundcloud. He decided that he wanted to pursue music as a career, so he left school. Tragically, his guitar and hard drive with all of his music were stolen. This led to him losing motivation, until his song “White Lies” began blowing up on Soundcloud. Atlantic Records found him through this track, and the rest is history.

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Ed, Edd n Eddy Composer Patric Caird Talks Netflix’s “The Order”, Clay Pots, and His Love of Scoring Hallmark Films

No matter if you’re a horror buff, a comedy lover, or in the mood for a relaxing summer romance movie, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the work of award-winning composer and musician, Patric Caird

Best known in America for scoring the Cartoon Network animated classic, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Caird has been making waves in the industry for nearly three decades. And as a recipient of numerous accolades including a Genie Award (Canadian Oscar), as well as multiple Leo and SOCAN Music Awards, it’s clear that the skills of this highly decorated Canadian-American talent is in high demand.  

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The Psychedelic Triad of Uni, Claypool Lennon Delirium, and Jim James

Influenced by Andy Warhol’s Factory artistic movement and vintage Glam Rock, Uni, are revolutionizing the way experience music through phantasmagoric music videos, edgy fashion, and mecurial live performances. Their provocative music videos and psych-rock live performance capture camp fashion, vintage fantasy, and artistry. The group channels inspirations from creative icons and artistic movements such as Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground, and The Factory. Signed to Chimera Music, Sean Lennon’s record label, the trendsetting group features artists: lead singer, Jack James, bassist and singer, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and lead guitarist, David Strange. The New York artists are connected to their roots while they aspire to innovate and energize their local music scene. Their vision for their city is to create a similar environment to Andy Warhol’s Factory by creating an avant-garde platform for local artists and musicians.

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Cage the Elephant: The Night Running Tour and SoundBite’s Top Five Tracks

Cage the Elephant is a Rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. The band formed in 2006 and began releasing music after being signed to Relentless Records. They soon released their debut, self titled album. The album includes the hits “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked,” “Back Against the Wall,” and “In One Ear.” They followed the release by going on tour and performing at a few festivals. 

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Orville Peck: The Man Behind the Fringe Curtain Comes to the Wild West

A new cowboy is in town and he’s pulling on everyone’s heart strings. A man of love, tragedy, and above all — mystery. This outlaw’s name is Orville Peck. A sturdy voice that'll straddle your heart, songwriting that will haunt your subconsciousness, and a pair of piercing blue eyes that’ll set your chaps on fire. Where does this sensitive culprit hail from? Although it seems like Peck appeared out of nowhere, he’s actually been under all of our noses for years. In interviews, he speaks of most of his music career spent in different punk bands. From 2008 to 2013, he was drummer to a popular Vancouver punk/grunge trio off Suicide Squeeze Records as well as another grunge band that stemmed off afterwards. This isn’t Orville Peck’s first rodeo but nevermind his past projects for now because his present spotlight is currently striking gold and deserving of our full attention.

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August Burns Red Celebrates 10 Years of Constellations

August Burns Red's “Constellations” album was released 10 years ago? Already?! That is difficult to believe! We remember when it came out!

We were fortunate enough to catch the Cincinnati, Ohio concert date on this tour supporting the album anniversary which was released 10 years ago!

While standing in line, fellow fans shared their favorite tracks from their albums and live music experiences from August Burns Red.

Bringing back so much nostalgia!

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Cloe Wilder Talks Personal Inspiration, Her Upcoming Music Video, and Working with Grammy-Winning Producer Jayme David Silverstein

Building off a successful YouTube cover series and exciting debut release, Florida-based singer/songwriter, Cloe Wilder, has once again returned with personal material that reflects both relatable content and surprising wisdom beyond her 13 years. 

Released July 19th, and produced by Grammy winner, Jayme David Silverstein, Wilder’s second single “i don’t wanna” is filled with staples of the young artist’s dark/pop style. 

A mixture of both light vocals and electronic beats, as well as wooden percussion and acoustic elements, Wilder has come away with an atmospheric and recognizable sound, a good sign for any artist-on-the-rise. 

And, with an accompanying music video set to drop on August 2nd, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cloe about her upcoming video, songwriting process, musical inspiration, and more!

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Saying everything LovelyTheBand could never say...

Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room was rocked by Indie-Pop band lovelytheband from California. Lovelytheband had the venue lit with blue, red and yellow neon headlights that was shone on the crowd, along with thumping beats, melodic lyrics and guitar riffs. 'Make me feel pretty" was the opening song on the setlist of the show, with its upbeat beach boy vibe. Shaking up the crowd with the song 'emotions', allowing the lyrics to run through your veins. Blue and pink headlights are being moved in various of directions as arms are tossed up into the air as your head starts to bob to the beat.

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Keep singing, Keep breathing with Thousand Below

Starting off the set with 'Sinking In' with head-banging drums and kicks, guitar riffs fills the air of the venue as James DeBerg the lead singer sings the verses of the song. The crowd starts to sway side to side, bouncing their arms back and forth in the air along with beat of the drums and nodding their heads. The set continues with melodic riffs and catchy chorus, and lyrics that will have you in a daze. The bliss feeling running through your veins, as you start to crave for more as James sings his heart out with each song. Thousand Below is a band that will forever will be on your repeat within your playlist with songs like ' Sinking Me', 'Tradition' and 'No Place Like You'. Your body will involvitary start dancing on its own, and there's no stopping it.

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Screaming out our lungs with New Years Day

As the riff of ‘Scream’ starts to play through the crowds ear drums, the ladies closest to the barriers starts to sing the lyrics along with Ash Costello, the Lead singer. The band has a high end interacting energy that every fan loves with their favorite bands. During New Years Day set, the lead guitar and bassist, Austin Ingerman and Nikki Misery went out in to the crowd and rocked out with fans within the sides of the venue, as Ash Costello sung her heart out. For the Final Song, Defame Me was a highly intense crowd interacting song, which the chorus was sung loud and proud with Ash Costello. New Years Day is a band that does not disappoints when it comes to a studio and live version of their songs. New Years Day knows how to get the crowd moving and rocking out with the band. After their set ended, they announced to the crowd they were going to be on the side of the venue having a meet and greet with each and every fan that was interested with having a photo, signed merch or a simple chat with the band. The way the Band interacts with their fanbase is inspiring and no matter how well-known their reputation become, they will remain humble and always interact with their fans.

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A Stage Dive Away with Tropa Magica and FIDLAR at the House of Blues

The Los Angeles music scene took over Orange County’s venue, House of Blues Anaheim, with a double hitter of heavy rock music and Surf Punk performances by Tropa Magica and FIDLAR.

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Helado Negro Performs to an Intimate Audience at the Exit/In Nashville

Roberto Carlos Lange, better known for his stage moniker “Helado Negro” is an American multi-instrumentalist born to Ecuadorian immigrants. Lange’s sound is a melting pot of different textures and genres that are sometimes hard to describe due to its ever-changing nature. Lange first came to the scene when he released his debut album, “Awe Owe” in 2009 through Asthmatic Kitty. Since then, Lange has released six albums and several EPs.

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Ben Havok to Release New Single: A Triumphant Return to Rock and Roll

Confident, catchy, and dripping with heavy riffs and defiant melodies, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Ben Havok’s latest solo effort proves that sticking to one’s roots can never steer you wrong. 

Set for release on June 28th and recounting a self-described “quest for purpose”, the up-and-coming musician’s second single, “All the Way” is both a nod to formative years spent listening to classics such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, as well as a determination to re-discover the sounds which encompass his own personal identity as an artist. 

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Chromatics, Desire, Heaven, and In Mirrors prove Italians Do It Better during Chromatics Comeback Tour

The Orange County venue was filled with bright neon lights and pulsating retro images from the stage as Italians Do It Better record label took over the night with their showcase of artists: In Mirrors, Heaven, Desire, and Chromatics.

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A Night of Rock and Soul with The Revivalists

New Orleans chart-topping rock band The Revivalists brought their Take Good Care tour to Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion in Boston on June 19th, 2019.

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San Diego Native Kara Connolly Brings Personal Lyrics and “Girl-Next-Door” Charm to the San Diego County Fair

Born and raised in La Jolla, and based in Los Angeles, California, charismatic singer/songwriter Kara Connolly, had spent many a childhood day at the San Diego County Fair. But this year, it was finally time for the young artist to skip the fried oreos (or not!) because the spotlight was once again calling her name.

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The Howlers Encourage Fans to Live “La Dolce Vita”

Vivacious desert rock may not be what you’d first expect to emerge from the East London music scene, but UK trio, The Howlers, have never been ones to fade into the masses.

Rather, with the release of their debut single, “La Dolce Vita” on June 7th via These Bloody Thieves Records, this up-and-coming band makes a point to push back against the grain.

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New Dialogue Opens Up The "Finding It Hard To Smile" Tour For Lovelytheband

New Dialogue is an Alternative Indie-pop group based from Los Angeles, California. The quintet band is made up by Ela Kitapic and Taylor Morrow (vocalists), Jason Rodriguez (drummer), Michael Sevilla (guitar) and Jeff Badagliacca (bassist). The five musicians as a sound-like an airy Paramore vibe, with a contrast from serious tones of underground Rock styles. Almost like a stripped-down quality of Punk, but also "the sweetness and catchiness of mainstream Pop.” New Dialogue single ‘Loose Ends’ has a sound if you close your eyes,  a calming visualization will take over, that will guide you to imagine floating on a cloud.

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