Volumes Kicks off Headspace Tour with Issues in Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Volumes are a Los Angeles based metal core band that opened for Issues on their Headspace Tour 2017. Volumes were formed and founded in 2009 and debuted their very first EP, “The Concept of Dreaming” in 2010. In 2011, “Via” debuted as their full-length albums along with “No Sleep” as their sophomore album in 2014. Both albums skyrocketed to Number 1 in the iTunes Rock & Metal charts. After the departed Volumes had with Michael Barr the group decided to bring in Make Terry, who is formally the vocalist Bury Your Dead. Terry brings fresh twist into the microphone with his vibrant charisma and high energy. If Volumes can be defined by two things, it would be a commitment to confidence and to heavy, hard-hitting, dynamic music.


Skylar and Too Close to Too Touch were the opening bands for the Headspace tour and the both were excellent and full of energy as they got the crowd ready to see Volumes and the headliners, Issues. As the crowd waits for Volumes to enter the stage. It is dark and a little foggy with a few over head lights above the stage lighting up their ‘Different Animals’ Album cover back drop. The crowds anticipates the band arrival which takes a little longer than the usual set time. As the crowd grows a little impatient as they stare upon the stage and starts to chant out Volumes name over and over to hurry them onto the stage. As the chants grows louder and louder throughout the concert hall, a little movement appears within the side door of the stage. As the guitar riff for ‘Left For Dead’ starts to play, the band starts to ascend from backstage and onto the main stage. The crowd starts to go wild and starts to sing along with the new lead frontman, Myke Terry and Gus Farias, who is a heavy head-banging frontman of the band, as well. As the their set proceed, the crowd have gotten wilder and wilder, and never ending mosh pits. The high level energy that surrounded the concert hall was everlasting and unforgettable. Volumes had the place shaken the place to a exhilarating state of mind that even the highest of high power would called it ineffable. Volumes ended their set a bit too early for the crowd as they chatted amongst themselves and wondered by it was so short and wished that the band could go on for hours.

Volumes is a band that you do not want to miss next time they are in town. Grab some VIP tickets, a cold beer and enjoy the high energy, dynamic and adventurous members of the band while they rock your socks off. 

Coverage and Photography by Tia Powell

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