South Florida Welcomes Band of Horses With Open Arms


On their final U.S. Tour date, Grammy nominated, Band of Horses, performed an energetic and warm finale at the Fillmore Miami Beach, Florida. This exceptional show would mark their 115th concert date of their extensive tour for their album release of “Why Are You OK." The memorable concert was also a few days shy of the album anniversary of their divine masterpiece, "Cease to Begin."  These hospitable musicians provide an extraordinary concert experience with their wholesome and care-free attitude and robust live performances. The Artisanals from South Carolina debuted their Country- Folk-Rock melodies as they engaged South Florida's attentive concert-goers. Their gleeful stage presence and fanciful solos quickly gained them recognition and new fans within their the audience. 

The professionalism of the concert's stage setup was remarkable as their skillful crew quickly arranged their gear. The idealistic stage lighting was marvelous as the backdrop was layered with various calming shades of coral to cerulean. Ben Bridwell, lead singer of Band of Horses, stepped unto the stage in the dark blue dim lighting and propped himself in front of his piano.  His powerful demeanor and mighty vocals engaged the rowdy audience. His band members shortly joined him on stage after the ending of his introductory song to kick-off the concert festivities. 

The audience were kept on their toes by Band of Horses' mysterious impromptu set list. The audience members would whisper to each other trying to guess which would be the next song Band of Horses would perform. The group bewildered audiences with their song selection which ranged from their exquisite albums such as "Cease to Begin, "Infinite Arms," and "Everything All The Time." The elegant venue would become silent as Ben sang robustly on the top of his lungs. The adoring fans sang along to the classic tracks such as "No One's Gunna Love You," "The Funeral," "Laredo," and several others.

Band of Horses would alternate from their noteworthy tracks to songs from their latest album, "Why Are You OK." A frantic audience member kept repeating how they were eagerly awaiting their performance of their picturesque track, "Hag." Throughout their majestic performance, Ben's heavy and rich vocals would overpower the audience who all looked to the singer in a wide-eyed gaze. The close-knit band members each showcased their individual talents in throughout the performances. Their band's on-stage camaraderie was refreshing and wholesome. Band of Horses will be on tour in Mexico on October 20th and 21st. They will return on tour in the U.S. at the end of December in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information and upcoming tour dates, visit their website at

Coverage and Photography by SoundBite Magazine

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