The Growlers' highly anticipated South Florida tour with local heavy hitters, Deaf Poets



The Culture Room was filled with an attentive audience as the power-hitting duo, Deaf Poets swept in and performed a loaded set of thunderous Rock and Roll. This mighty South Florida duo is comprised of singer/guitartist, Sean Wouters, and drummer, Nick Espinosa. The band members share a strong connection with each other and their fans on-stage and off-stage. Their powerful musical chemistry powers out of their equipment and vocals as they filled the venue with boisterous sound waves. Deaf Poets performed tracks from their latest release, "Lost in the Magic City." The duo performed III Points Art, Tech, and Music Festival on October 14th alongside local artists and the headlining group, Gorillaz.

Deaf Poets have announced that they will continue their musical endeavors in New York City. Watch an exclusive interview with the inspirational South Florida artists from their Lost in Magic City release. They discuss the tracks and partially recording their album in Atlanta. For more information about Deaf Poets and upcoming tour dates, visit




The audience was strongly impacted by Deaf Poets' compelling performance. New fans quickly went up to the band members after their performance and praised their dominant stage presence which poured out of two individuals. The stage was then quickly arranged for the highly anticipated performance by California's acclaimed Indie group, The Growlers. Briefly announcing their South Florida concert date was still to be continued at the Culture Room despite Brook Neilsen's illness, fans franticly commented on their social media account with glee and joyfulness to hear that the show was still to go on. 

Due to their profound success as diverse artists with an extensive discography and a popular album, "City Club," the Growlers are a sensational cult favorite amongst festivals and concert-goers. The audience packed in tightly into the venue beside one another eagerly awaiting for the Growlers to step unto the stage. As each band member walked on unto the stage, the room went into an uproar as finally the mighty lead singer graced their presence. Listeners instantly gravitated to Brook Neilsen's raspy deep voice as he sang popular tracks and cover songs. They were also by his suave dance moves that matched the group's 70s' persona. Despite Brook suffering from Bronchitis, he performed throughout the concert with all his skill and might. It was an inspirational live performance to witness as the charismatic singer sang robustly and eloquently even though feeling weary and having the need to cough.

The steamy venue became a dance floor as the group performed their Psych-Surf-Rock disco tracks. The audience also sang-a-long to each lyric of the songs performed throughout the night. The Growlers' live musical experience captivated and enthralled the audience with their strong showmanship, moving melodies, and hypnotizing stage presence. Their enrapturing track, "Going Gets Tough," resonated with the audience as they sang on the top of their lungs and stretched out their arms in the air as they swayed back and forth. Their eclectic sound is captured by various of influences ranging from Blues, County, Garage and Surf Rock. The unforgettable concert was constant and thrilling due to the cohesive band camaraderie. Touring drummer, Richrd Gowen, bassist, Brad Bowers, and guitarist, Delicate Steven, kept the rhythm and beat in between intermissions and song transitions. Additionally, guitarist, Matt Taylor, sang energetically while Brooks Nielsen took breaks to rest.  

The Growlers will be headlining their music festival, The Growler Six, at the Los Angeles Waterfront on October 28th and 29th. The upcoming music festival will feature performances by renowned artists: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Danny Brown, Girl Talk, Butthole Surfers, and many more. The Growlers out shine their popular "Beach Goth" enigma with groove-laced rhythms, memorable live performance, and masterful tracks. For more information on The Growlers and upcoming tour dates, visit and The Growler Six.

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