Okey Dokey


Okey Dokey released their first album, “Love You, Mean It” in March, and has since been touring with a myriad of similar minded bands. Members Johny Fisher (guiar/vocals) and Aaron Martin (vocals) have been touring the country, sharing their new sounds and their new name.

Last week Okey Dokey took over the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, alongside openers Dan Luke and the Raid & Trent and the Trees. The combination of experimental indie-psych and alternative-surf-rock elements shared by the bands made for a night of good vibes and awesome music.

The intimate venue and limited audience made for a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone was family, and everyone was part of the 50-man group hugs. Several times throughout the night lead singers and string strummers alike broke the 3rd wall and greeted their audience with open vocal cords and open arms.

The night started out with Trent and the Trees, an Atlanta local band shaking with excitement at the opportunity to play the Drunken Unicorn. After sharing their surf rock sounds with pepperings of reggae, Dan Luke and the Raid took the stage. Their new singles “Golden Age” and “Black Cat Heavy Metal” are out now, with an album coming out later this year. Giving a performance worthy of a much larger stage, this band made it clear that the only way to go was up.


Okey Dokey took the stage as the final act of the night. The two-man band was filled out by guitarist Michael Ruth and drummer Kole Sharp. The loving, melodic sounds of the band captivated the audience, putting them in a dream like stupor. Lead vocalist Aaron Martin swayed throughout the stage, periodically jumping from the stage to greet the audience and join them in their trance. During their final song, Wavy Gravy, Aaron brought in all members of the crowd in one big group hug, swaying and singing words of love.

Photography and Coverage by Jenny Alice Watts.

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