Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent 2017 Tour - New York, NY


This October Tampa Bay's indie/soul rock band Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent embarked on their 10-day 2017 fall tour to promote their new EP and single "Taking an Office Day". The boys were nice enough to let me tag along as their photographer to document it all.

On our 4th day of tour we left Maryland and made our way up to New Jersey, dropped off our things at the Airbnb and heading into the city. Traffic was much to be desired when traveling 4 miles ended up taking us a little over an hour. After we arrived at the venue, Rockwood Music Hall we found parking and grabbed some  pre-show grilled cheeses next door. The boys set up and played to a crowd full of enthusiastic friends and family. After the show we explored the streets of the East Village with some of Jordan and Emmit's friends and ending up at places like the Barcade (the name says it all) and Jeepney, a charming filipino gastropub. 

There was no show the next day and the weather was perfect to spend the whole day, and I mean the whole day, exploring the city. First was coffee and bagels at Zuckers, then walking through Central Park followed by hopping on the subway to Chelsea to walk along the High Line and into the Chelsea market for more food and coffee. We found our way to Washington Square Park where we watched and listened to the passerby's before heading into Brooklyn. In Brooklyn we ate even more and drank more coffee before meeting up with some of my old friends at Silent Barn. Finally we ended our night by getting confused on the subway and taking 2 hours to get back to our beds in Jersey. NYC is always an adventure and just as fascinating and different every time I visit. Next Stop Philly.

Jordan Esker & Hundred Percent are:

Jordan Esker: Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Matt Raspo: Keys, Vocals

Vincent Montemarano: Drums, Vocals

Emmit Dobbyn: Bass


Coverage by Kelsey Walker

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