The Menzingers sell out House of Independents Asbury Park, New Jersey


The Menzingers sold out house of Independents Asbury Park NJ December 2, 2017 It’s a cold Saturday night in Asbury Park NJ but the Menzingers concert at House of Independents is sure to warm things up. Other artists on tonight’s roster are the Toronto punk band The Flatliners and Brooklyn NY based Worriers.

The Menzingers are a Scranton PA based punk band that’s been in the game since 2006 and include members Greg Barnett on guitar and vocals, Tom May on guitar and vocals, Eric Keen on bass and Joe Godino on drums. Menzingers are an Epitaph Records Recording artist touring in support of their latest release After The Party which was released earlier this year.

The Menzingers took the stage and wasted no time getting things started, opening their set with "Telling Lies" off their latest album, and continued at a blazing pace driving the crowd at HOI to total reckless abandon. The set went on with a great mixture of new and older songs including "House on Fire," "Your Wild Years," "Bad Catholic’s," and "I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore," to name a few. To say the Menzingers took this crowd on a wild ride would be an under statement, with a constant flow of crowd surfers and stage jumpers this show was totally out of control! This was my third Menzingers show this year, and feel qualified to say that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better live band anywhere! For additional info visit the bands website at

The co-headliner for this gig was a band of punk rockers from Toronto Canada called The Flatliners. The Flatliners have been a driving force in the Toronto punk scene since 2002 and are a Dine Alone Record’s recording artist. The bands latest work Inviting Light dropped this past April and follows their Juno award nominated album Dead Language. The Flatliners are Chris Cresswell on guitar and vocals, Scott Brigham on guitar, Jon Darbey on bass and Paul Ramirez on drums. The Flatliners are a legit punk band and got things moving very quickly via hard driving instrumentals and the very distinct vocals of Chris Cresswell. Flatliner's played a dynamic set of songs with most coming from their latest album, and reallyowned the crowd in attendance. The Flatliners delivered a heavy dose of hard driving punk rock and really got the crowd primed for the Menzingers! Visit the bands website for additional information.

The show opener was a Brooklyn NY based punk band called The Worriers, they are a Side One dummy Records artist and are touring in support of their latest album Survival Pop. Band members are Lauren Denitzio, Lou Hanman, Mike Erg and Audrey Zee Whitesides. The worriers were a great addition to an already stacked ticket of great bands with the crowd being totally responsive to their music. Check out the bands website at

In closing this was a great night of punk music in my favorite town, Asbury Park NJ . A big thanks to The Menzingers, Flatliners and the Worriers for the great music and House of Independents for hosting. To see what’s going on at HOI visit the venues website at

Coverage by Patrick Gilrane

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