How Slow Magic Casts A Spell Of Electronic Enchantment On Audiences With Their Mystical Identity And Bold Infectious Sound With Show-Stopping Performance Art


Slow Magic's mask almost acts like a portal to another reality as the anonymous presences unleash their dangerously infectious addiction of electronic beats to the audiences.  

Slow Magic seems to be trying to generalize the passion for electronic music and performance art by literally putting on an unrecognizable mask of identity. It shows their respect, admiration, and love for art and music; not to mention their unique act of self and artistic expression. They are not just a one-dimensional artist, Slow Magic also showcase their talents through painting, film, and lighting.

It is refreshing to see an artist be so humble and transparent about their intentions with their art and music. In an industry where a lot of artists can get caught up in the rise of fame and fortune, lust for attention and acknowledgment, and legacy of their name, Slow Magic is bluntly dedicated and respectful of the creation of art and connecting with audiences. The spontaneous drive and force of inspiration can come at any point, so Slow Magic is not picky what so ever when it comes to creating their art. Most of their music was created in their bedroom possibility convenience and privacy, undoubtedly giving it a more authentic and raw aesthetic and approach.

Slow Magic will undoubtedly hypnotize audiences with their angelic and bold stage presence and the array of mesmerizing performance art accompanying their infectious sound.  

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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