Hundred Waters Creates A Poetic Plea Of Self-Expression Through A Series Of Unfiltered and Transparent Lyrical and Instrumental Magic With New Record Communication


Hundred Waters has beautifully melted two vastly different genres of electronic and acoustic together to form a memorable sound. They have the musical ability to transport audiences into an electric sea filled with bold, authentic, and eccentric melodies and intrumentals that will undoubtedly leave viewers in a dreamlike trance. All aspects of normality and restraints are lost when creating these psychedelic combinations of sounds and lyrical magic. Their destination seems to be set in the stars, and they are ready to take their audiences on an unforgettable journey with their music.

This record seems to have a common denominator of a lost wandering soul trying to grasp the reality of their situations, experiences, and relationships. Anxiety, reassurance, and acknowledgment are screaming to be brought to the surface in the beautifully tragic plea of melodies showcased in the track "Blanket Me." The record seems to have a consistent theme of curiosity regarding the location or relationship status the songwriter has with the people in their life. A lot of the songs begin with a question like the track "Fire Light," where the song seems to be an analyzing the past and the present. Ultimately, creating this intriguing investigation through contrasting lyrics that try to solve the mystery set at the beginning of the song. The track "Better" seems to create this state of limbo where the songwriter is struggling between contemplating on the past and realizing the unknown future shadowing over them.

It seems as though this record is a plea for emotional liberation and sanity, all the tracks are seamed with a heavy underlining of confliction and chaos that try to be the coping mechanism for the experiences and emotions being expressed through song. Communication is undoubtedly an extraordinarily unfiltered collection of lyrical and instrumental magic that is left transparent and raw for audiences to admire.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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