Disconnect with Natalie Claro's Musical Journey and Uplifting Vision


The determined and energetic Alternative Rock musician, Natalie Claro, is currently invading various cities on her "Invasion" Tour. The spirited seventeen year-old singer-songwriter is dazzling audiences with her avant-garde musical production. She released her storytelling album, "Disconnect," on May 20th. The powerful and stunning album discusses universal topics of abuse, bullying, and artist legacies. Despite the intense subject matter, she conveys a hopeful message through her music by giving importance to self reliance, goal orientation, and family unity. 

From Tampa, Florida, Natalie Claro strives to promote the art of the solo project through her multi-instrumental skills and positive vision. The "Invasion" Tour will take place in many states such as Georgia, Texas, and Massachusetts. She will be opening for the group, "Public," who recently toured with Twenty One Pilots

Natalie Claro Photography

Natalie Claro Photography

Natalie was influenced at a young age by her parents and legendary artists such as Queen, Nirvana, and many others. She also discovered Michael Jackson at nine years old when he passed away. She enjoyed musical theater and instantly gravitated towards the process of songwriting and creating music. Her musically influenced parents encouraged her to pursue her striking musical talents. An unknown fact, Natalie is also related to the co-founder of Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo. The vision can became apparent in eight grade for Natalie when she saw Paramore in concert. She was strongly impacted by the on-stage performance of singer, Hayley Williams. She immediately texted her mom during the concert that she desired to pursue her musical dreams.

As most aspiring artists, she began her music career performing at various open mics. "It's the perfect thing for anyone to start music. If you do an open mic, you can perform covers and originals, it's a good place to start. You have to work your way up when you're working on your music," said Natalie during our interview.

As a young female artist, she performs with trained and experienced musicians which was an obstacle that she has been able to overtake. The venues are taken aback by the music diversity and achievements of this young artist. She recalled being teased being the only female artist on a heavy metal lineup. The brawny metal artists and endearing audience highly complimented her after her set that she perfectly fit the line-up. "You are truly a talented artist, if you can perform with just your guitar and your voice," mentioned Natalie.

Natalie Claro Photography

Natalie Claro Photography

Her storytelling album, "Disconnect" is about disconnecting from a world of insecurities and trying to do what makes other people happy instead of achieving your own happiness. The track, "Baby Bug," conveys her childhood experiences of being bullied. The song lyrics are personal and simplistic. She wrote the song in early middle school when she was feeling trapped at school. She wrote this serene track in order help her listeners through personal obstacles and trials. "Whatever you currently feel is a problem, won't be a problem later. You will be able to overcome it and you will be successful. Whatever you achieve as your goal or career will be accomplished. The people who hurt you will regret later during your success that they were mean to you," said Natalie on the interpretation of the song.

The alluring track, "Interlude: Disconnet," is an instrumental melody combining diversified piano pieces which she has composed over the years. The song's introduction begins with mesmerizing and robust piano keys. The temperament of the melody quickly transitions to Beethoven's noteworthy masterpiece, "Fur Elise." This hook in the track quickly captures the listener with sporadic piano notes, electronic drum beats, and a gush of wind. 

This hardworking artist is solely focused on her rhythmic music and strives for her listeners to resonate with the message behind her album, "Disconnect. "It is a way to influence people to be what they want to be and do what they want to do. Be yourself and do whatever makes you happy. If someone is not okay with that, don't worry about it. If you focus on something you like, everything else doesn't matter," said Natalie.

The last track on the album, "To Die Only Once," is an intense and passionate Rock ballad. The impactful track is influenced by Banksy's quote, “You die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” "You were number one on the Billboard and you didn't make a big enough impact. I want to do something, I only want to die once. I want to leave a legacy, be a role model for people. I enjoy my life and music. I would never want it to be more, I never want my legacy to be forgotten. I want the message to go on forever. The album may be over but there is still more coming after," said Natalie.

This wholesome and goal-setting artist will leave a legacy on modern music with her lust for life, synergy to give back, and connection to her devoted fans. She easily connects with her audience at shows and creates lasting friendships with her supporters. This kind-hearted artist brings people together with her impressive live shows and compelling message. "Find something that you are good at, it gives you a fire of motivation to be happy," encourages Natalie to her listeners. Listen to her album, "Disconnect" on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and Bandcamp

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Natalie Claro is currently on her nationwide "Invasion" Tour. Visit Natalie Claro on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for more information and tour dates.

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