How Young The Giant's New Electronically Edged Jams Will Leave Intoxicating Sounds In The Halls Of Audiences Eardrums


Young The Giant jumped from under the radar by abandoning their expected thematic sound by melting a slightly chaotic variety of tempos and melodies. They have created an exquisite range of sound; from the recognizable indie rock-in-roll persona to more electronically edge based jams that will definitely leave intoxication into the halls of audience’s eardrums.

The newly formatted sound is a new phenomenon of artistic expression through the groovy stand-alone tracks and bluntly individualized and unique sound. They learned to command their craft by becoming versatile with their different approach and perspective to music. Young The Giant can mold and shaped their sound in a way that compliments their growth as a musical artist. They seem not to be afraid to let their music change and develop as they do as not only an artist but as individuals.

They have created a beautifully assorted range of musical talent by having a melting pot of melodies and instrumentals that either boldly compliments or bluntly contrast both their older and newer music. Their fans can always expect a classic Young The Giant giveaways and staples, but there always seems to an excitingly fresh twist and perspective on their sound. Their music has the ability to make fans come back for more and decipher their intoxicating sound.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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