CIRCUITRY: Souls made of I's & O's


Based in Long Branch, New Jersey, Circuitry has made their presence in their local music scene since 2013 and released their debut album in 2014. With Joel Monet singing, Christian Colabelli on the guitar and Matt Guglielmo on the drums, we have danced in their rhythms and got lost in their lyrics.

If they are playing near you, do not miss out the chance to see them and meet them!

Q: Hi guys, and thank you for your time! Please go ahead and introduce yourselves.

A: I'm Joel. I sing and do the small amount of synth work that will be on the upcoming record.

I’m Matt, I play drums and played bass on the record.

I'm Christian and I play guitar and do backup vocals.

Q: "Circuitry" ; how did you come up with this name? How long have you guys been together as a band?

A: Matt: “Circuitry” is simply a metaphor for the innards of a human being. Back when we started in 2013, I noticed that a lot of Joel’s lyrics touched upon topics regarding human behavior and existence. So I thought the name was fitting in its own artistic way. Just like computers have their own system of circuits that causes them to operate a certain way, humans have theirs.   

Q: How did it all start for Circuitry? How would you describe the music you are playing?

A: It started out of being unhappy with the constraints of playing in another metal band without being at the creative helm. In a recent interview, we described Circuitry as a musical neapolitan ice cream. The music we play is progressive metalcore with a jazz and pop punk influence.

Q: Where do your music influences come from ?

A: Joel: I’m really enjoying gospel pianists, bossa nova, pop punk, and anything just disgustingly heavy or evil sounding. Some of what I've been jamming lately: Mutemath, Power Trip, Chris Thile, The Acacia Strain, Rosa Passos, John Coltrane, Jacob Collier, Thundercat, Harry Styles, SZA, '68, Letlive, Veil of Maya, Blackbear, Kendrick Lamar, Yellowcard, Vulfpeck, Sufjan Stevens, Bjork, Hostage Calm

Matt: I still love bands that have influenced me at a young age such as Lamb of God, Between The Buried And Me, Blink-182, Meshuggah. Lately I’ve been jamming Knocked Loose, Cryptodira and Thy Art Is Murder.

Christian: My musical influences are Allan Holdsworth, John Coltrane, KSE, the Deftones, Sikth, early Mars Volta, early Incubus, 311, Mike Stern, Alex Machacek, Brent Mason, Adam Rogers, Greg Howe, Oz Noy, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Joe Henderson, Jimmy Herring, Pat Martino, Meshuggah, Radiohead, Alison Krauss

Q: What are the songs usually about ? Where do you pull inspiration for your lyrics and songs?

A: Joel: I find it a lot more useful to write about ideas and feelings than about people. I'm not sure if this ephemeral idea of inspiration is something I can describe or even particularly relate to. Either you want to make something or you don't. I would personally describe the process of creation as time + effort.

Q: Your debut album "Circuitry" was released in November 2014. What was the outcome? Are you currently working on a new album?

A: We still play a few songs from the first record but are playing primarily new material live these days. We are currently recording vocals on the last song for our new 11 track album.

Q: You have played at many shows the past few years. What was the one that you will never forget and why. Describe your feelings.

A: Joel: We opened for Deftones and the venue closed the doors so their fans wouldn't see us.

Matt: For me, our show at House of Independents (Asbury Park, NJ) with The Number 12 Looks Like You was my favorite show we’ve played so far. The energy in the room that night was incredible and I had a very good time on stage.

Christian: My favorite show was with Fall of Troy and so I Watch You From Afar because we received excellent audience response. My least favorite show was in Fayetteville, NC because the promoter conveniently left during our set in order to avoid paying us and pocket the money we generated for the show.

Q: What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands nowadays?

A: The popular thing to say is probably something like "standing out in a crowded industry" but in our opinion, a big obstacle for bands historically (especially in the metal world) is staying who you are and sticking around long enough that people become accustomed to your presence.

Q: Plans for the future? Any upcoming shows?

A: We're booking primarily out of state right now but will be playing a hometown show when the album is released.


Q: Anything you would like to add or to share with your fans and future musicians?

A: Be excellent to each other and party on dudes.

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