Roar, Rage, And Cause Havoc! How The Tribute Band Nirvanna Makes Sure Grunge Is Still Thriving & Very Much Alive


Grunge is thriving through the bones of these Orlando natives, Clayton Cobain, Novoselic, and Grohl, as their exploding passion for grunge has guaranteed that this genre of music is far from tarnished or taboo. The heart-pounding energy and stage presence from these men are astonishing, and the raw and rambunctious chaos played out on stage by Nirvanna is rather beautiful. These are just a few example that shows the amount of dedication the band has to replicating, recreating, and evolving the personas, sound, and experience of an original Nirvana show. Nirvanna is dedicated to reincarnating this band like a phoenix rising from the ashes, unapologetically letting the fire rage, roar, and fill the atmosphere leaving everything out on the stage.

The passion is transparent and overflowing into the crowd through the cascading and incomprehensibly identical melodies of lead singer, Clayton Cobain to Kurt Cobain; he only seems to embrace and magnify his grunge-filled roots and appreciation for the band that started it all, Nirvana.

It seems like they will stop at nothing to make sure the grunge movement is still a promising and sought after genre of music, just doing what they do proves it. It is hard to name another band that has this much dedication and drive too not only keep a wilting genre alive but also to a band and group of individuals in general. It is indeed inspirational and refreshing to hear.

Let this be the beginning of a music revival and revolution. If Nirvanna is trying to say anything to the world at all, it is never to forget the music that made you.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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