The California Natives Xin Xin and Kiki Diágo Undoubtedly Add To The Melting Pot Of Authenticity In The Rambunctious And Bold Golden State's Music Scene


Let your eardrums be submerged in a haze of laid-back vibrations and carefree melodies with the bands Xin Xin and Kiki Diágo. These California natives only add to the melting pot of authencity in the rambunctious and bold music scene.



Xin Xin wears a cloak of electric hues as they move and groove throughout the stages of California. They will undoubtedly send audiences home with lucid filled dreams with their bold individually and artistic expression. They seem to have morphed a new identity with their delicately grunge aesthetic and style of sound. Daisy decorated metal masks, trippy and vivid lighting projection, quirky and wild album art; everything about this band is unapologetic, and the misfit appeal is rather intriguingly captivating.



Kiki Diágo is all about getting weird; the stage is their playground, and they flourish as the vibrant colors of psychedelic projections are continuously changing throughout the performances. They seem to have a lot of gratitude and appreciation for their California roots as they continually flaunt and express their love throughout their music and art. The instrumental track, "Waves (Late Night)" creates a narrative of emotions through the crashing and buckling of the instrumentals ultimately peacefully melting into one another. They seem to be in the shadows of fellow free spirits and colorful souls MGMT, Blood Orange, Cage Of The Elephant, and Tame Impala.

California seems to have its share of hidden, underrated, and upcoming gems that radiate endless talent, positivity, and individuality through musical expression.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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