Step Into a Dream With SPORTS


Have you ever wondered what it felt like to party with magicians? Well, get ready to trip with SPORTS! This band of wizards, from Oklahoma, conjures up dream pop music and spells to hypnotize their audiences. The band's nostalgic romanticization of the cause-and-effect of broken hearts opens one up to a world of love - or faux love.

Take a break from reality, and ‘step into’ a kaleidoscope dream-gaze of love with SPORTS’ hit song: “You Are the Right One”.The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has a secret crush, waiting for the right moment to make a move. The music video is captivating, taking one through a dreamy playground of first dates. Are you ready for the groove?

Lights, glitter, and more lights! SPORTS pre-show ritual involves them dousing their faces and bodies with glitter before gearing up in their metallic robes. Smoke fills the stage as the blacklight pierces Will’s face as he begins the chromatic drum beat - summoning the rest of the band . Then...the wizards arrive!

With a new album on the way, 2018 will be the year SPORTS continues their journey through the psychedelic force field of music. Follow the light and everything will be alright.

Coverage by Ivana Djiya

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