Joplin's Rising Indie Group, Guys On A Bus, Premiere New Track "Uptight And Conceited"


Rising Indie band from Joplin, MO, Guys on a Bus, have some exciting projects in the works. The four-part group consists of Nate Hurley (guitar, lead vocals,) Davis Drake (bass, vocals,) Evan Todd (drums, vocals) and Caleb Hurley (keys, vocals.) Their sound has certainly developed and changed over the years as they have learned more about music; now it can be best described as upbeat 60s mixed with modern pop. They are influenced by older music styles/artists ad their attire is one reflection of this influence as they wear suits and ties for performances. Guys on a Bus has been a band for four years and out playing shows regularly for about two years now.

Catch an upcoming show in the following cities:

2/23 in Dodge City, KS

3/2 in Edmund, OK

3/3 in Oklahoma City, OK

3/10 in Denver, CO

Alongside them playing shows every weekend in varying cities, the guys also run a venue at Joplin Avenue Coffee Company in a performance space there, bringing in bands such as The Band Camino, Brother Moses and Hardcastle. The music scene was dead in Joplin and they wanted to do something about it, so now they get to bring in some of their favorite artists for shows in their hometown! They provide promotion and tech for all of the shows they put on.

Guys on a Bus are definitely keeping busy playing some house shows with Sofar sounds, doing showcases, hosting shows and their newest project release: Uptight and Conceited.  

The new song is set to release February 28th; it is a very honest reflection of themselves, acknowledging how they used to act and in turn, the way they were perceived in their hometown. The band realized they were acting very arrogant and trying so hard to prove themselves that in taking themselves so seriously, they had the wrong attitudes and hurt their fan base. They have restructured and grown as a group, now taking the time to be grateful for every opportunity and every fan they have. Now, they are focused on just being themselves completely, but taking the work process and shows seriously. Still being such a young band, it speaks volumes about who they are as a group, taking the initiative to recognize a need to change, doing so ad and finding the right balance for their work.



The new song instantly draws you in just musically in the beginning. Then lyrically you hear the honesty from the band describing the realization of their actions and they include their fan’s viewpoint of them. Many dedicated music fans will appreciate this honesty and putting out a piece of work like this. You can tell a song has something special and unique about it when the first time listening, you envision a crowd at a live show dancing and vibing right along to the music and lyrics. This is one of those songs. The project’s B side is a song titled “I Better Run” and it is also a reflection of their actions, but at more of a high-school age- describing the insecurities in relationships. These two songs show the direction the band wants to continue with their music which is always being honest about where they are or were.

Coverage by Mia Naome

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