"Follow Your Heart Around" to a Wind and The Wave Concert



Nashville singer Rachel Price opened up the show with Ben Flanders on guitar. They drew the crowd and her melodic voice warmed everyone up a bit on such a cold evening. She performed a cover as well as many originals. One of my favorites titled “Something New” which is about her experience growing up in a small town and wanting to move away from that and onto something bigger. Rachel’s performance shows how personable she is and that combined with her music makes it easy to connect with the crowd! 



The very outgoing Jesse Ruben took the stage next with a song titled “First Day Of Summer” which he said he pictured to be used in a Target commercial. He shared very personal stories about his life and challenges he has faced. He also shared that he heads up the We Can Project for students and teachers which you can learn more about at: http://www.wecanwecanwecan.com/



The anticipation was over and The Wind and The Wave were on! Encouraging everyone sitting down with working legs to stand up and enjoy the show to its fullest extent, the crowd piled closer to the stage and so the magic began.  They played many older songs that were crowd favorites such as “Grand Canyon,” “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head,” and “Happiness Is Not A Place.” They also played many songs off of their soon-to-be released album “Human Beings Let You Down.” A beautiful moment at this show was as they played “Neon Prayer Flags” some fans actually brought Tibetan prayer flags and held them up during the song, which Patty eventually grabbed and danced around with. My personal favorites off of the new album are “The Grave” and “Follow Your Heart Around.” Specifically, the second one because we really do only have so much time, so it’s best to live doing what we love every day, even if that doesn’t mean lots of money, success etc. 

The Wind and The Wave are an all-around extremely talented duo from music to lyrics to live performances. Like Patty said before the show, they want to create authentic music that they enjoy- which they definitely do well. That results in the fans truly connecting with their music as well as them as people. The concert was fantastic and if you haven’t already, go pre-order their new record on Vinyl and receive a digital copy immediately. I promise, you do not want to go without these tunes in your life any longer.

The Wind and The Wave stopped in Durham, NC last week as part of their Human Beings Tour. I had a chance to speak with lead singer Patty Lynn before the show: 

Q: How long have you been making music together?

A: I think we’ve been together a little over five years. 


Q: How did “The Wind and the Wave” sort of come about?

A: Dwight was a producer for my old band and that’s how we met in the studio/ SO we’ve always had a creative relationship, but when I quit that band he had a hole in his production schedule, we decided to start writing together just for fun because we both liked drinking whiskey and smoking weed, and we like each other’s company. So, we did that for a couple weeks and accidentally pooped out our first record even though we weren’t a band, we weren’t even writing for anything specific- we were just hanging out. So that’s how the first record came about. 

Q: You all have been on the road for about five weeks now; what’s your favorite part about touring/performing live?

A: My favorite part about touring is generally the hour to hour and a half I’m on the stage. Every other part of it is challenging for me. I will say this tour we are on a bus and it’s significantly easier for me mentally and emotionally speaking than it is in a van. 


Q: Home for you guys is Austin, Texas. Do you participate in the music scene there at all? 

A: I don’t; we travel so much that when we’re home, we are doing our other jobs. We actually don’t even hang out that much together when we’re in Austin. 

*At this point opener Jesse Ruben said hi to Patty, complimenting her sweater which she pointed out was only $8, and Jesse wanted to make sure this very important information was included in the interview, so there it is folks. Patty’s cute sweater she was wearing during the interview was $8*

Q: Your music is very real and upfront with personal feelings and relationships. What are you trying to achieve through your music? 

A: I think the only goal is to just create music that makes me happy and that I feel is authentic. There’s no real goal other than for me to like it. It would be great to put out music and have lots of people like it and that would be very validating, especially with a second and third record with having fans and expectations.  The first album was so pure because we didn’t have any fans, expectations, management, labels etc. It was such a pure experience and one you’ll never be able to get back. So, with all of the music we just try to do us and make us happy because you can’t make everybody happy, but maybe if you can make yourself happy the rest will follow. I just want to be authentic and be me. 

Q: I know you a new album you’re releasing as well titled “Human Beings Let You Down.” Could you share a little bit about that. 

A: Most of this record was written and recorded through 2017. While we were on the road I was writing, recording with Dwight in hotel rooms and backstage. So, there’s nothing super pure about it in that regard. Also, Dwight produced it like he did the first record, so in a way I kind of feel like this new record is a progression of the first record and the second record has it’s own very different vibe. I feel like we’re progressing, but also coming back to the basics on this record. 

It’s not out yet and I actually don’t have a release date for you, but hopefully in the next couple of months it will be. 

Q: People are able to pre-order the vinyl though now, correct?

A: Yes, there is the vinyl. We wanted to play most of the new songs on this tour, but we didn’t want to play them and not have it available to people. So we released it on vinyl before we left on tour and when you pre-order the vinyl online, you get the full digital album right away. I wanted to do that, so people could get to know the songs before the show if they wanted to. Some people have been doing that I’ve noticed some in the crowd singing along to the new songs. The record has 10 songs on it. I love it. I feel like it may be the best thing we’ve ever done. I know our early fans are going to maybe disagree because I know what it’s like to be a fan of music- when you fall in love with something, that’s the thing. 

Q: Do you all have any plans for the rest of the year besides the album release?

A: Not yet, we may go on another little short run before the year is over, but not sure at the moment. 

Coverage by Mia Naome

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