Evil? No! POP EVIL!


Michigan's hard rockers Pop Evil turned last Saturday the Starland Ballroom to a venue that was bouncing from their performance.

Formed in 2001, when everyone thought that the rock music scene was dying but, there was Pop Evil to take that all back.

As their singer, Leigh Kakaty, stated in one of his latest interviews: "POP EVIL started, it almost was a crusade for rock. In those days, the mainstream, secular musical world in America was starting to dwindle and they were starting to abandon us. In Michigan, rock is king still. Rock basically motivates people to live 9 to 5. They have rock music to look forward to. It's a genre that dad and mom could listen to with you, you can listen to it with your parents and have a bit of a common ground, right? My parents weren't listening to hip-hop and country, they were listening to rock. We all had that together. It was important, I remember being around the fire and we're all listening to LYNYRD SKYNYRD, we're doing the thing of classic rock now. It was those memories that were really strong with me. 'Pop' was the bad word. Pop was evil. POP EVIL was like a mission statement, it was a battle cry to remind people rock is very much alive and well and it's going to start right here in the great state of Michigan. That was the early, I guess, the early birth of POP EVIL. It started from those kinds of beliefs and that system. As we started to progress, sending a positive message to our fanbase and reminding them hopefully with the best rock riffs we could do, obviously, we had to get better over the years, but we keep refining the same belief and that's just fighting for rock."

Their setlist for the night:





Ex Machina






Silence & Scars


Take it All

Catch them on their tour! They are Pop and they are Evil!

Coverage by Anna Antonopoulos 

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