The Nashville Club Favorites: Hinds and Albert Hammond Jr. Co-headline at Exit/In


Nashville's Exit/In was a witness of the limited run of shows that Hinds and Albert Hammond Jr. did together as co-headliners. Both acts are touring their newest records. Albert Hammond Jr. is touring to promote his latest solo album, Trouble Francis. While Hinds is touring to promote their sophomore album, I Don't Run which comes out on April 6.

Hinds is a four-piece band from Spain with both Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials on guitar and vocals, Ade Martin on bass, and Amber Grimbergen on drums. The band’s signature sound is a combination of lo-fi garage rock along with catchy guitar hooks and melodies, and the playful exchange of vocals between Perrote and Cosials. The band has a sound that could easily make someone's summer playlist.  While their debut album consisted mostly on songs about being carefree and having fun, the band seems to be shifting to a more serious side with their new singles, where their lyrics are a bit more vulnerable and mature. Even though the new songs sound better produced and more confident there is still a bit of the looseness that makes Hinds great.

Albert Hammond Jr. is a well-respected musician in the indie rock scene with a big following. He is mostly known for being the rhythm guitar player of The Strokes but has also had success on his career as a solo artist where he has been able to showcase his songwriting skills more freely and do things he did not feel comfortable doing with The Strokes. He has 4 great albums and an EP. In his latest album, Hammond plays with an alter ego of his twin brother Francis whom he lost at birth and now feels more connected to since learning a couple of facts about their birth..

Usually, Albert Hammond Jr. had been playing the first set followed by Hinds, but in Nashville, the show started with Hinds. There were some people in the audience that was there to see Albert Hammond Jr. and had not heard of Hinds and vice versa, but they all seemed to enjoy both of the sets the same.

Hinds opened their set with their usual introduction by Cosials and began playing their new single "The Club". The beginning of the set was fast-paced and aggressive and then started to down just a bit towards the middle. As they made their way through the set they made sure to tell the audience a little bit about who they were and the new album coming out. The performance was loud and fun, it was easy to see that the band was having a great time on stage.  Hinds is the kind of band that even if you don't know any of their songs they will still get you hyped up whenever you listen to them. Hinds closed the set with a cover of "Davey Crockett" by Thee Headcoatees which has become a staple at their shows and brought Albert Hammond Jr. and his band on stage.

Albert Hammond Jr's setlist was carefully crafted, balancing songs perfectly from his past albums and the most recent. Albert proved his excellent showmanship as he jumped constantly across the stage while occasionally high fiving his fans as they sung back to his songs at the top of their lungs. Hammond would occasionally play solos on his Olympic white Stratocaster that he has been playing since 1999, but for the most part he was mostly focused on singing, leaving the rest of the work to his backing band. Near the end of the set, Carlotta and Ade from Hinds joined the audience and started a mini mosh pit showing how even though they have shared the stage with Albert Hammond Jr. a couple of times they could still not help but get excited to see one of their musical heroes perform. The set closed with "In Transit" in which Hammond reciprocated Hinds' gesture and brought the girls back on stage for that song along with a fan from the audience.

One of the biggest things that these two acts have in common is that even though their records sound great, it is really in a live setting where one can truly appreciate their music. They both seemed to enjoy playing their music as much as the audience enjoyed hearing them. Both acts put out incredible live shows and it is almost unforgivable to miss one of their shows.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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