Dr. Dog returns to South Florida’s Culture Room with support from Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft


In anticipation of their latest album being released on April 27th, Dr. Dog made a South Florida tour appearance with support from Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft. The highly prolific band has released 10 albums since 2002, including a live album, and Critical Equation will be their 11th.


Even an hour before the show started, a line had formed outside of Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room, with many sporting Grateful Dead t-shirts and outfits reminiscent of the ‘70s. Singer-Songwriter Kyle Craft opened the show with a high-energy performance, giving the crowd a rush before Dr. Dog’s chill set. As a last hurrah, Kyle Craft performed a Bob Dylan-esque piano ballad titled “Before the Wall”.



Dr. Dog opened the show with “How Long Must I Wait” off of their 2012 album Be The Void. Throughout their set, they gave the crowd a treat by performing four songs off of their upcoming album, including tracks such as “Buzzing in the Light” and “Go Out Fighting”.

The band’s vocals are co-led by bassist Toby Leaman and lead guitarist Scott McMicken. Their duo vocals create a perfect balance with Leaman’s powerful vocals shining in songs such as “Nellie,” while McMicken’s soft and melodic vocals stood out during “Jackie Wants a Black Eye.” Together, their vocals harmonized perfectly throughout.

Dr. Dog’s performances no doubt invoke a feeling of pure good vibes. On that Saturday evening, Dr. Dog returned to the Culture Room for the fourth time (the last time being in 2012) and brought their swampedelic pop back to the swamp.

Coverage by Catherine Toruno and Photography by Lazaro Llanes

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