Evolving through Love and Loss: Miami's Love Stories with Frankie Midnight


With the debut of "Love Stories," local Miami artist, Frankie Midnight has captured the thoughts and experiences of the male and female perspective on the difficulties of dating in a transient culture and a society fearful of the eight letter word, "Monogamy." The album playfully captures the rise and falls of "bachelordom" and falling in love with the unattainable. The frequent themes within "Love Stories" are deceit, seduction, love at first sight, and unrequited love. The tracks depict the story of a youthful artist whose heartbreak turns him into a selfish womanizer. He backlashes at women in attempt to recoup from his broken heart.

Frankie Midnight discusses his album, "Love Stories," and the tracks in the interview above! He also relates the album to the modern dating city in Miami and pinpoints the views of society on why this topic is taboo. Learn about his rampaging character undergo his love story in the interview and the following tracks, "The Piano Love Song," "Communication (Transportation)", and "Would, Shoulda, Coulda."         



In the energetic track, "The Piano Love Song," the artist joyfully plays upon the piano keys as he chants about his excitement about going home and playing his piano. It's reminiscent of the catchy and unforgettable track, "Bang on the Drum All Day" by Todd Rundgren. Frankie Midnight mentioned in our interview how Todd Rundgren along with other classic rock artists played an influential role on his music and making the album. Frankie also is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He recorded the eleven track album at home in his bohemian studio in Miami Gardens. An influential aspect of Todd Rundgren's work, he also used techniques of overdubbing and layering of guitars, drums, and vocals. These techniques created the rich and full composition of the album. 



In the track, "Communication (Transportation)," he discusses a relevant hardship of the miscommunications of two lovers. He narrates the instances of trying to communicate with his partner and not having enough money to pay his phone bill and bus pass to see his girlfriend who lives an hour away. The introspective story takes flight through each track as the listener slowly gets to know the sentimental artist through his ups and downs in his dating experiences. Listeners can resonate with this high strung track by revisiting moments when they weren't able to satisfy their partner such as not having enough money to satisfy their lover's expensive tastes or the ability to catch an uber to see them. In an exponentially growing city such as Miami, this reflective track provides insight why people may choose not to maintain relationships due to their preconceived notions on how much effort and expensive it can be to be in a relationship.

The playfulness storytelling and the pseudo characters in this album are derived from Frankie Midnight's experience as a stage actor. He began acting in local theaters in Miami Dade at a young age. His charismatic character seeps into his different personas in this storytelling album.  



In the track, "Would, Shoulda, Coulda," Frankie discusses the fear of missing out. The character misses an opportunity on being with his ideal love interest. This high-spirited track mixes Pop melodies with R&B and hip hop influences. The character narrates the thoughts running through his mind on what he wish he could have done. The powerful voice of the artist taunts the narrator in the track on what will be his next step after missing out on this opportunity for love. The album provides story telling in musical theater format as the solo artist goes through his journey through each song. Influenced by classic 60's and 70's classic rock, the listener can notice highlights taken from this classic form of music with upbeat melodies and memorable lyrics. Listen to the full album "Love Stories" on Frankie Midnight's YouTube channel.                      

Frankie Midnight will be performing at Magnify presented by Raw  Artists  Miami  on Thursday,  June 14  at  7pm at Revolution Live. The address is 100 SW 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Grab your tickets at: https://www.rawartists.org/tickets/purchase/2352/328301. Find out more about the artist and check out upcoming concert dates on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and his website.

Coverage by Veronica of SoundBite Magazine

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