Houndmouth and Frederick the Younger are sure to make any show feel like “a hometown show."


Houndmouth and Frederick the Younger brought their soulful swing and lively presence to the heart of Louisiana’s capitol city, Baton Rouge on April 26th at the Varsity Theater. College students and mature concert-goers alike were treated to the Americana tunes that filled the packed theater. The intimate performances surely brought a feeling of hometown love among those at the show. Hailing from New Albany, Indiana, Houndmouth released their sophomore album Little Neon Limelight a little over three years ago in 2015.



Tracks like “Darlin’” and “For No One” resound a deep passion for rock-n-roll and blues, and Houndmouth bring this passion to the stage so flawlessly. After member Katie Toupin parted ways with the band in 2016, it was difficult to imagine Houndmouth without her wistful vocals, but their live performance remains impressive and intimate. Their set brought the feeling of being at a local band’s show in your hometown; an evening of indie rock nostalgia. Louisville, Kentucky’s Frederick the Younger opens for Houndmouth on this year’s spring tour. Their debut album, Human Child, was released in early 2017, making them a “younger” band. Their freshness in the music industry didn’t hold them back from bringing an energetic and eclectic performance on Thursday night, though. Jenni Cochran, vocalist and keyboardist, incorporated her love for cool outerwear into the set, changing from furry coats to jackets to kimonos between songs. Aaron Craker’s wicked guitar solos with Cochran’s bold vocals were a perfect opener for the night.



Coverage and Photography by Izzy Thompson

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