Z-Ro Performs Unplugged For His City


Z-Ro, also The Mo City Don – a nod to the Houston suburb in which he was raised, Missouri City – graced the stage at White Oak Music Hall on Friday night for a unique performance. In contrast to the largely popular DJ + Rapper stage production, seen with many notable rappers today, Z-Ro chose to venture off the trodden path and perform an “unplugged” set for his “day 1 fans.” Though not technically unplugged, Z-Ro chose to perform with the help of award winning production team and instrumentalists, “Beanz & Kornbread,” in lieu of a DJ.

The night opened up with brief appearances by notable Houston rappers, all close acquaintances of Z-Ro, ranging from Willie D of the Geto Boys, to Paul Wall a.k.a “The People’s Champ,” to Lil Keke and Slim Thug. Only performing a handful of hits between them, these openers, who could certainly hold their own in a solo headlining set, paid homage to Z-Ro, who now claims 20 years in the industry. During these performances, Z-Ro lingered in the shadows of stage, only choosing bits and pieces of opening songs to join, but even then, remained in the depths of the stage as to not outshine the solo performers.

Around 9:30PM, the lights dimmed, and Z-Ro emerged from stage left in a totally new, and dapper ensemble that featured a pinstripe suit, fedora, sunglasses and backwards tied tie, which Z-Ro claims to have intentionally tied in that manner. As for the performance itself, it too was fresh. The setlist featured many hits not regularly performed by Z-Ro in other settings and included what he considered some “deep cuts” that only his true Houston fans would know.

The set lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes and included the following tracks: Get Throwed, Joy, Too Many Niggas, Look Good, My Money, Bye By, So Houston, Drank Alone Hoes Get No Love, No Help, Happy Alone, Load My AK, We Don’t Play, Solid, Summertime, Doing Just Fine, These Days, One Two, I Hate You, along with a brief freestyle to close. By 10:45PM, the show had concluded, and Z-Ro met fans out in the crowd for a 30-minute photo session and brief signing before returning back stage and wrapping up the intimate evening.

Photography by Marshall Heins II

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