Fleet Foxes Mesmerize the Masses In Houston


Fleet Foxes took the stage at Revention Music Center here in downtown Houston. An iconic venue that has embraced several name changes over the years, Revention Music Center provided the perfect setting for the American indie folk group from Seattle, Washington. While there is certainly something special about witnessing performances in small, intimate spaces, the grandiose nature of Revention Music Center provided an open atmosphere for people to experience the show at various levels.

For some, “railing” – arriving early to a performance in order to lay stake to a certain area along the front crowd barricade or “rail” – was the appropriate move to witness the intricate guitar plucks, piano strokes, and percussion hits by band members like front man Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, or Christian Wargo. For others, keeping their distance and personal space were of top priority in order to sway with the enveloping vocal harmonies characteristic of the group. Lastly, those who preferred to sit and simply listen to the music without paying mind to the intricacies of the physical performance had the opportunity to sit in the upper balcony and take in the sonic waves from a distance.

The ability to draw that distinctive crowd is what was truly impressive about the Fleet Foxes. Many of their hits can be described as somber, slow, or even sad to some degree. Yet, the concert hall was packed. It was packed with a diverse crowd of listeners that truly loved and connected to the band and their music. Even during the brief solo-performances by front man Robing Pecknold throughout the night, the entirety of the motley crowd was clinging to every note played and every word sang.

In line with the somber vibe induced by the group’s indie-folk sound, their stage production was simple and inviting, while remaining large enough to grasp the hearts of the large room of listeners. Positioned at the back the of the concert hall was a towering projector that shed nostalgic glows of orange, red, and other earth tones both on the band and the massive screen behind them during the evening.

To no surprise, Revention Music Center was just as packed at the end of the performance as it was only moments before Fleet Foxes took the stage – indicating only a mere handful of attendees chose to leave early. Their tour takes them next to El Paso, TX and then on to Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and numerous other states throughout the summer. Their performance is not to be missed. Check out their tour dates HERE to see if their coming to a city near you.

Photography by Marshall Heins II

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