Living the Dream (Wife)


Dream Wife consists of lead vocals Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go on guitar, and Bella Podpadec on the bass. The three met at art school in the UK, although ironically none of them were studying music. The band formed when they made themselves a “fake girl band” for a gallery exhibition, and it stuck. They later began recording, touring, and got signed to Lucky Number.

Dream Wife has just released their first self-titled album in January of this year, including two songs off their EP and nine brand-new tracks. The album is filled with female empowering punk-rock songs, seeking to unapologetically bring up and scream out important issues.

Dream Wife is just wrapping up one of their first US tours since releasing the record, making their way to unseen cities and opening up for Sunflower Bean as they tour their new album, “Twenty-Two in Blue”.

Earlier this month their tour brought them to the Middle East, a venue in Cambridge MA known for showcasing the new and upcoming bands hitting the indie scene. It’s difficult to call them an “opener”, because you’d never know it. The power and energy that they hit the stage with gives them a headlining presence that slaps the audience in the face. Whether they knew them before they performance, they were certainly going to remember them after.

Lead vocalist Rakel scream sings into the mic, shouting resonating lyrics such as “I am not my body I am somebody” (off their track “Somebody”) and their song “FUU”. She also pulls back and reminds the audience of her singing ability with tracks like “Lolita” and “Hey Heartbreaker”.

Dream Wife will finish their US tour with Sunflower Bean tomorrow with one more show in PA, and continue on in the UK.

Photography and Coverage by Jenny Alice Watts.

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