Country Hospitality with Colter Wall, Paul Cauthen, and Joshua Hedley at the Roxy


For someone who has never been to a country music show, let alone even listened to the genre, the Colter Wall, Paul Cauthen, and Joshua Hedley concert was quite a culture shock. I had never seen so many cowboy hats and boots in my entire life. Nonetheless, the people were unexpectedly hospitable, making it an amazing experience overall.

The show opened with Joshua Hedley, who grabbed the attention of everyone with an incredibly eccentric outfit. Everyone wildly cheered when he inquired the crowd about their opinion on his suit. Hedley then made a few jokes that only the Floridians in the crowd understood. As for his music, it was what one would imagine when thinking of a classic country sound. Despite only having released his new album, Mr. Jukebox, a little over a week ago, Hedley still had a new song to play for his fans.



Then, it was Paul Cauthen turn to take over the venue. He had an excellent stage presence, and it was very evident that he was not only performing, but also having genuine fun doing it. Not to mention, his songs had catchy beats—you know, the kind that you can’t help but to tap your foot or finger along to. During his set, I met a girl who told me a cute story about how she met Cauthen at a Garth Brooks concert the night before, not even knowing who he was. In the end, Paul Cauthen was the perfect opener for Colter Wall.



For being just a man with a guitar playing fairly mellow songs, Colter Wall was remarkably captivating. He was advertised to have a voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash, and I was not disappointed. His voice is quite extraordinary when considering how young he actually is. Paired with his equally beautiful guitar skills, this made for a great show.

Coverage and Photography by Sumin Choi

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