Touring acts and Brooklyn’s local, Husbandry, kick off a Punk Rock night at Brooklyn’s Greenpoint


On a quiet Sunday night in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, Saint Vitus was the complete opposite. Brimming with local punks, the venue was more lively than its neighborhood as hometown band Husbandry were about to kick off the night. Touring bands, Teenage Halloween, Kali Masi, and Such Gold were also on the bill and ever ready to play their eclectic and inclusive styles of punk to an eager crowd.



Husbandry played a set comprised of both new and old songs to hype the crowd up. Vocalist Carina Zachary’s singing was matched with bassist Arnau Bosc’s screaming to create a balance not often found in the post-hardcore scene that gives them their unique sound as they proved to be the band one wouldn’t want to miss.

After Husbandry was New Jersey’s ultra-inclusive collective Teenage Halloween. At the start of their set, the band had prefaced that their songs were about being queer and how society can often react to people who identify as such just before blasting through almost their entire catalog. The band closed out their set by ripping through “666” in a bar slinging shirts that say “Satan is great. Whiskey is super” which could not have been a more appropriate song to end with.



Next was Chicago’s Kali Masi.



Kali Masi’s set was packed with fast, heavy chords and gang vocals as they tore through their debut record, Wind Instrument, in full to an extremely receptive bunch.

Closing out the night was Such Gold. The crowd was already amped from the previous bands but once Such Gold hit the stage the room burst. The crowd screamed lyrics back at the band as others attempted to break open a pit. Needless to say, this was not your typical sleepy Sunday night.



Coverage by Daniella Heminghaus

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