Dirty Projectors and Still Woozy captivated the audience at their sold out show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.



Sven Gamsky, under the name Still Woozy, creates dreamy music that he describes as both electronic and acoustic. Still Woozy performed songs that had the entire venue, even including his band, dancing along. He then slowed it down with a cover of Hank Williams’s “Angel of Death.” Gamsky pointed out his bandmate Yonatan Kahn’s handmade pants, which everyone in the audience loved. Still Woozy proved to be the perfect opener for Dirty Projectors.



Dirty Projectors then took over the stage with their distinctive eclectic sound. With six members, the band has the opportunity to experiment with unique instruments, such as the harmonica. No two songs that they played sounded even remotely similar to each other, yet the show was very cohesive, with brilliant transitions. Dirty Projectors creates beautifully calming tunes that also forces listeners to subconsciously tap their foot along to the beat. The band is releasing their album Lamp Lit Prose on July 13.

Coverage by Sumin Choi

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