Pop punk legends New Found Glory "Sick Tour" to support their album "Makes Me Sick" absolutely lived up to the name.


William Ryan Key (former Yellow card vocalist) opened up each night of the show, which was incredibly nostalgic. His amazing lyrics, and melodies on guitar got the crowd excited for the rest of the show after closing his set with 2003 hit "Ocean Avenue". 

The Movie Life, and Bayside were up next. Both bands played flawlessly, you could hear the entire venue singing along to every song.

At this point everyone was anxious to sing along to "Forget My Name" by the punk rock heroes themselves New Found Glory.

You could tell people were excited, whenever a guitar tech or Tour manager came on stage, the crowd screamed and wooed. The moment the venue went dark, screams coming from every direction, then purple lights flashed, and out came the main event New Found Glory! Seeing countless crowd surfers make their way to the stage, while singing along to "All Downhill From Here. 

When the Florida based four piece released dozens of balloons with "New Found Glory" labeled on them, the crowd went wild, bouncing balloons around the entire venue.

The godfather's of pop punk concluded their set with the well known "friends before girls" anthem "My Friends Over You". 

Coverage by Joshua Estep

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