A Dirty Heads Concert Feels Like Vacation


Summer can’t really start until you spend a night at a Dirty Heads show! Thankfully, a rainy day in Raleigh, NC turned into a sunny afternoon and the fans showed up to dance all night long. With a killer lineup, The Dirty Heads were joined by Pacific Dub, The Movement and Iration at the Red Hat Amphitheater. Each band’s set radiated nothing but good vibes and created a night that the crowd never wanted to end.



Pacific Dub took to the stage first. The reggae rock group from California combine varying, diverse sounds that result in a fantastic live performance.  The audience members loved every minute of their set and it was a great start to the concert!



The Movement, who are especially known in the Carolinas (originally being from Columbia, SC) were up next! This group that originally started as a trio, has grown quite a bit over the years; now operating as a full band, their music easily connects with the fans, even at first listen. A crowd favorite was their song “Habit” as they recited the lyrics “light it up” back and forth with the band. Their performance left fans with a bit of hope and motivation, saying “2018 is going to be the year…for everyone.”



Alternative reggae group, Iration took to the stage next. The band originally being from Hawaii, includes that spirit in their music and presence. Connecting with each audience member somehow, their songs and live performance is a beautiful thing. The band also just released a new self-titled album this month and included many of the fresh songs in their set! The crowd had enjoyed every minute and was now highly anticipating the headliner, of course.



The Dirty Heads started their set with a banger and fan-favorite song “Medusa.” This immediately hyped up the audience and it only grew from there. Dirty J and Duddy B bring such a great energy to the stage and lead the band in a fantastic performance. The group’s sound has evolved of course over the years while maintaining its roots. This shows immensely with their latest album release titled Swim Team. The songs explore various genres- mainly hip-hop, alternative and of course, reggae. The fun vibes you get just from listening to this album certainly translate to the stage at their concerts! With crowd favorites such as “Mad At It” “Vacation” and even the more emotion-based personal song, “Celebrate.” They of course perform many older songs as well with one of mine and many other fan’s favorite, “Sloth’s Revenge.”

The Dirty Heads are only going up from here. Just in the past few years that I have attended their shows, I have noticed an immense growth in their music as well as their live performances. They are a band that has that special spark about them that continuously draws fans new and old in.

Their summer tour continues through the month of June, so head to dirtyheads.com to make sure you don’t miss their concert

Coverage by Mia Naome

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