Watch out for Mikaela Davis’s strong debut album, Delivery!


Mikaela Davis is a singer/songwriter from New York who will be releasing her debut album July 13, 2018, under Folk label, Rounder Records. Usually, when a classical trained musician finishes music school they go on and join orchestras and become teachers, but in Mikaela Davis’s case she went on and became a songwriter. After attending music school as a harpist, Mikaela Davis chose an uncommon path for classical music majors and opted for becoming a solo artist and songwriter outside of the realm of classical music. Her music could be labeled as “pop” but it is more complex than that. Besides spending time writing songs Davis also toured a bit supporting acts such as Bon Iver, San Fermin, and the Staves.

The album is titled Delivery and is about Davis’s process of writing an album and is also a comforting remedy for a rainy day. The album opens with the title track which is a powerful song in which Davis is shown vulnerable as she sings about self-discovery and acceptance. This track is powerful both lyrically and musically and sets up the tone for the rest of the album. As for the second track,  “Get Gone” is completely different from the opening track, it is faster paced and groovy. Fast forward to the rest of the album you get a variation from experimental pop with a lot of instrumentation to a more stripped down and personal setting. The last track in this album is “Pure Divine Love” which is one of the two songs in the album where the Staves made a guest appearance. One of the best things about this album is how well-crafted it is even though some of the songs can be completed different from the others yet they all fit perfectly and flows well. Delivery is an album that will make a great first impression and will leave a high standard for the next Mikaela Davis’s albums to come.

Also, make sure to check out Mikaela Davis on YouTube where you can find beautiful renditions of songs by Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens. There is also an Audiotree live session from 2014 where it is possible to see the not so common instruments the band uses to achieve that experimental sound that can still be heard in Delivery.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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