Better Oblivion Community Center Holds Meeting in Nashville


Conor Oberst is infamously known for trying to start bands with all his friends but rarely something ever happens, that is why it is surprising that when she asked Phoebe Bridgers, her friend and mentee to start a band it actually did happen. 

Conor Oberst is an Indie icon mostly known for being the man behind Bright Eyes and is one of the most influential songwriters of his generation. His songs have inspired others to pick up a guitar and start writing songs. Among those people stands Phoebe Bridgers who despite her short career, has accomplished various milestones. Bridgers released her first album in 2017. Afterward, she formed a group and released an album with Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, all while writing songs with Oberst for what would later become Better Oblivion Community Center (BOCC). 

BOCC first gained people’s attention in a very clever and mysterious way. The promotional campaign included a hotline and a bench advertisement which appeared to invite people to join a religious cult with a message that stated that “At Better Oblivion Community Center. Experience relaxation redefined. Expert care and service catered to find your own better oblivion”. The duo finally released the album January 24th and has become heavily acclaimed around the world.  

 The show featured opening acts Lala Lala from Chicago, and Christian Lee Hutson who is also part of BOCC’s live band. BOCC opened their set with “Didn’t Know I Was in For” which was the perfect song to warm up the crowd. A few songs into the set the duo played “Would You Rather” from Bridgers’ debut album which originally features Oberst on background vocals. After the sixth song of their set, the duo pulled out a pair of beach chairs and told the crowd to pretend they were at the beach and proceeded to play “Exception to the Rule” as beach balls were thrown around the crowd.

Throughout the middle of the set, they covered “Can’t Hardly Wait” by The Replacements and also played a new song titled “Little Trouble”. One of the interesting things about BOCC’s live performance is how when they played a Bridgers’ original it would be Oberst who sang lead. Which led to a very interesting and energetic reinterpretation of “Funeral”. And vice versa, when a Bright Eyes song was played it would be Bridgers who sang lead and she tackled “Easy/Lucky/Free” with such grandiose as she channeled the rawness of a young Oberst. 

Bridgers never stopped smiling making it seem like she was just as happy to be there as her fans were. Oberst would continuously talk to the audience and even dedicated a song to his parents which were in the audience. Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers definitely have very strong chemistry and that is what makes their project more special and meaningful. 

Perhaps what people didn’t realize that the words “It will end in tears” painted into the backdrop of the stage were a warning as to how the show would end. 


Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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