Jungle Brings Down the House in Nashville


Jungle is a London band which created their own unique sound by combining elements of funk, soul, and tropical rhythms. The band was formed by childhood friends Josh Lloyd-Watson also known as J and Tom McFarland otherwise known as T. The band became an internet sensation in 2013 when they released the music video for their song “Platoon.”

The video featured a six-year-old girl known as B-Girl Terra breakdancing to the song. The duo’s main goal was getting everyone to focus on their music itself instead of who the musicians were. That is why they adopted their pseudonyms and never appeared on their videos. As the band began to gain recognition and started playing live, Lloyd-Watson and McFarland opted to expand to a 7 piece band instead of just being the two of them playing tracks off their computer.

The band released their sophomore album, For Ever in 2018 and have been doing an extensive world tour playing solo shows as well as festivals. With For Ever, the band does not necessarily stray away from the sounds of their first album, but they did come back with more personal lyrics after both members broke up with their partners.

Though the band might be known for their great videos and recordings, it is in their live performances where they truly stand out. For their Nashville show at Marathon Music Works, the band played an 18 song set which got everybody moving. The band opened with “Smile”, the first song from their latest album. The whole band got the crowd dancing throughout the entire concert, making seem like a party more than a regular concert.

Jungle’s live performances are truly unique and there is no excuse for missing their tour, especially since they are making stops all around the world.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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