Nashville’s Rayland Baxter Returns Home To Play At Marathon Music Works


Rayland Baxter is one of the most notable artists in Nashville’s rising scene of indie music. Baxter ‘s music has strains of Americana and folk rock mixed with catchy hooks. His music stands out by its laidback vibe and simple yet appealing storytelling. He debuted his career as a songwriter with his album Feathers & Fishhooks in 2012 and has released two albums since then.

Baxter is known as a road warrior with all his constant touring and is now back on the road promoting his most recent album, Wide Awake, which was released last year. On Wide Awake, Baxter feels more comfortable in exploring new sounds while at the same time he still stays true to his characteristic sound as he leans more towards indie rock with a notable Beatles influence.

His show in Nashville was hosted at Marathon Music Works and was supported by Illiterate Light and Sad Penny. When Rayland Baxter took over the stage, he was showing enthusiasm about playing in his hometown and was smiling as usual. The set began with “Strange American Dream” the opening track from his newest album. 9 songs into the set, Baxter proceeded to play an emotional rendition of “Come Back To Earth” as a tribute Mac Miller and to Billy Swayze who had passed away a few days before. Swayze has played a big part in Baxter’s career as a songwriter as he was the one that lent Baxter his studio to get away and write songs. After the song tribute, the band left the stage except for Baxter who continued the set by playing several songs by himself. The band later came back joined the singer back on stage for the rest of the show. During “Let It All Go, Man” Baxter was joined by his father, Bucky Baxter who is a well-known steel guitarist and has played on countless of albums ranging from Bob Dylan all the way to REM.

Make sure to catch Rayland Baxter at one of the many dates on his tour!

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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