Walk the Moon Plays Sold Out Show at the Orlando House of Blues


Currently on their Press Restart Tour, Walk the Moon attracted a massive crowd for their sold out, Monday night show at the Orlando House of Blues. Although doors did not open until 7 pm, the earliest fans arrived at 8 am to ensure a place on the barricade. By 6 pm, the line wrapped all the way around the building. The passionate fans were easy to spot from far away. Yes, they were the ones at the front of the line chatting excitedly with others, but they’re also the ones who had carefully painted faces with stripes, dots, and other patterns. This display of support for the band was bigger than just wearing merch, it was a way for each fan to express their individuality while simultaneously showing their support for the band.

The night’s opening act, Bear Hands, were a fitting choice for the tour. Although many Walk the Moon fans in the audience had not heard of the band before, it took less than a song for Bear Hands to grasp the crowd’s attention. This post-punk, indie-rock band us fronted by Dylan Rau are known for their 2014 hit “Giants” and there more recent hit “2 AM” which is currently playing on most indie-rock radio stations around the country.

 Walk the Moon made it clear from the very beginning of their set that this would not be a low energy show. Coming out to “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King adorning face paint that matched the crowd, it was easy to see that the band was bringing the energy. Starting the set off with one of their older songs “Lisa Baby” and going right into the crowd favorite “Different Colors,” it took lead singer Nicholas Petricca 3 or 4 songs until he finally spoke to the crowd.

With the perfect balance of upbeat, dance-inducing favorites like “Shut Up and Dance” and “Headphones” and slow, heartfelt songs like “Aquaman” and “Surrender,” there is something to be said about a band who can find the balance in emotional vulnerability and freeing feeling that comes with sharing those moments with others. There has truly never been a more diverse and welcoming crowd at the House of Blues. This show should serve as a testament that bands like Walk the Moon can bring out the best qualities of their fans.

 Frontman Petricca got emotional towards the end of the set while looking at the completely packed venue, pausing in between sets to simply acknowledge “Wow, we really love what we do.” Once the crowd managed to calm down a bit, he explained how it was Walk the Moon’s 8th birthday since it had officially been 8 years since drummer, Sean Waugaman, had joined the band. Someone brought a huge cake on stage for the band to pose with and afterward the band threw some into the crowd.

Chants of “Happy freaking Birthday, Walk the Moon” filled the venue as the band left.Returning for an encore of Portugal and Anna Sun, the band members were clearly excited to party and give it their all for the last two songs of the evening. To experience a Walk the Moon show live is to participate in an experience so full of magic and inspiration that you can’t help but to take it with you. For some, it sticks around for a few hours after the show and is quickly forgotten. But for others, for those who camped out all day and painted their faces, it’s an energy that follows you for life.

More information about Walk the Moon’s Press Restart tour can be found here.

Coverage by Jessica Matilszki

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