A Stage Dive Away with Tropa Magica and FIDLAR at the House of Blues



The Los Angeles music scene took over Orange County’s venue, House of Blues Anaheim, with a double hitter of heavy rock music and Surf Punk performances by Tropa Magica and FIDLAR. East Los Angeles natives, Tropa Magica, entranced the OC audience with their modern “Tropa-Psych” melodies. The Los Angeles family based group is compromised of David Pacheco, lead singer, and Rene Pacheco, drummer, Jason Juarez, bassist, and Esteban Flores, keyboardist. Their elevating live performances moved the audience to sway, dance, and crowd surf during their entire set. Their electrifying music incorporates Psychedelic Rock, Surf Rock, Punk Rock, “Cumbia,” and Latin harmonies.

Tropa Magica kept the audience on their feet while bouncing from Psych-Punk infused track to flavorful Latin dance. What makes their live tropic set invigorating is the combination of their carefree vibes, alternating musical influences, and upbeat live performances. Lead singer, David Pacheco’s raspy voice and wild banter draws in the listener along with his extraordinary guitar solos. Tropa Magica promoted their deep Latin roots and informed the audience on their style of music which they performed, “Cumbia.”

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The audience’s adrenaline maintained on high as FIDLAR stepped unto the stage to continue to show. With the stench of cheap beer in the air and audience members flinging themselves unto the main stage for their quick second of limelight, nothing says Punk Rock more than FIDLAR. The Los Angeles group have earned their staple with their “NFG” attitude and troublesome antics. Their quixotical band name is derived from the phrase, “F*** it dog, Life’s a risk.” A catch phrase these artists live and breathe by. FIDLAR continuously take risks on their musical endeavors and have performed alongside diversified acts from EDM to Hip Hop.

By Punk Rock it is a interpreted as a persona or metaphor to live by. It’s the act and attitude of being able to freely doing what you desire as band member, Elvis Kuehn, has mentioned in interviews. In a recent interview Kuehn referred to the Minute Men being of one of their favorite Punk bands and their sound not being of the Punk genre. How do you interpret Punk? We would love for you to share your thoughts on Punk by reaching out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Throughout the sets of Tropa Magica and FIDLAR, onlookers could get dizzy from the frequent youthful concertgoers crowd surfing or attempting to jump on stage. The security was on full force and ready for the excited and tumultuous crowd. At a recent concert in California, a determined fan made her way on stage and attempted to take a selfie. Zac Carper knocked the concertgoers’ phone out of their hand at the moment the fan tried to take a selfie. However, this wasn’t the case at the HOB concert where a concertgoer jumped on stage and was able to fist pump and dance a jig during one of their tracks for thirty seconds or more.

FIDLAR recently released a new video for their track, “FLAKE,” in promotion of their upcoming European and United Kingdom tour. Similar to the symbolism behind the track, which band member, Elvis Kuehn, has referred to in interviews is about having friends in Los Angeles, the Anaheim concert felt like a close-knit group of friends and new friends bonding over music while having a great time at a local house party.

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FIDLAR’s upcoming tour dates:

8/23 - Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival
8/25 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival
8/27 - London, UK - Brixton Electric
8/28 - Paris, FR - Trabendo
8/30 - Zurich, CH - Dynamo
8/31 - Milan, IT - Milano Rocks Festival

9/2 - Berlin, DE - Columbia Theatre
9/4 - Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg
9/6 - Barcelona, ES - Apollo 2
9/7 - Madrid, ES - DCODE Festival


Coverage by Veronica Potes

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