A Technicolor Show With Washed Out


Ernest Greene better known as his pseudonym “Washed Out” is a music producer who has become one of the vanguards for the chillwave movement. Chillwave is a movement formed of mellow sound with hints of psychedelia combining electronic music and indie that surged in the late 2000s. The lyrics usually feature themes of escapism and nostalgia.


Although Washed out recordings consist mainly of just Ernest Greene, while on tour he has two other musicians supporting him. Washed Out provided an amazing performance at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works on February 26. Unfortunately, the 1,500-capacity venue was somewhat empty. Might it had been because the show took place on a Monday night? Or maybe Nashville is not very into chillwave. Whatever the reason was it didn’t seem to matter much as Washed Out gave an excellent performance and the attendants seemed to enjoy the show a lot as the nodded their heads and swayed back and forth to the beat of the music.


Washed out took the stage after a soulful r&b/electronic performance from Nashville’s own Biyo. Washed Out and company were donned in white clothing in order to blend right in with the projections. The Musicians disappeared onto the projections shifting the audience’s attention toward the visuals and the music rather than themselves. The set was varied with songs from his latest album Mister Mellow and from his back catalog. Some songs like “Zonked” and “Burn Out Blues” Featured their respective psychedelic visuals from their song videos.


With Projects like these where most of the music is recorded by one person using mostly a computer as their instrument it is usually complicated to recreate the songs in a live setting without having it feel like a playback, but Washed Out evidently showed the attendees how well his songs are interpreted live. Ernest Greene and his companions gave themselves entirely to the performance which in the end it felt more like a visual show with an awesome live soundtrack than just a regular concert.


Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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