An Unforgettable Night in Asheville With Tame Impala


As a stop on their 2019 tour, Tame Impala performed for a mesmerized crowd in Asheville, North Carolina. This United States tour features only a few stops, with lucky crowds in other cities such as Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, St. Augustine and Miami. After this, they will visit Europe and follow it with a few more stops in the United States on a summer tour. The Summer tour includes their first headlining gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden in August.

Asheville is the perfect spot for a band as creative and genre-bending as Tame Impala. The group was created in 2007 by lead singer, Kevin Parker. Kevin Parker writes, produces, and arranges most of the groups songs himself. After releasing a few albums, going on tour, and performing at festivals, the band grew to be highly admired by fans all across the globe. Their music is a complete immersive experience, and many say that it is even better live.

Before the set, fans all around were talking about the upcoming set. This was the first Tame Impala show for many, and lots of people said they have been waiting for the chance to see them for years. The immense anticipation was stopped as soon as the group hit the stage. The band opened with the song “Let It Happen.” This song opens their album Currents, and was a perfect way to kick off the show. From the confetti cannon to the immersive visuals, the crowd was completely entranced.

They followed this explosive entrance with a performance of the new song, “Patience” followed by “The Moment.” They went on to perform their most beloved tracks like “Elephant,” “The Less I Know the Better,” and “Feels Like I Only Go Backwards.” The most entrancing performance was “Apocalypse Dreams.” At the original end of the song, Parker stood center stage with his guitar and played a solo of the melody to the song. Many were caught by surprise when the drums kicked in to transition to a elongated version of the song.

Throughout the show, the common emotion displayed amongst the faces of fans was amazement. Tame Impala had a way of encapsulating the attention of the whole room and keeping it from start to finish. After the closing song “New Person, Same Old Mistakes,” the crowd was sad to see the band go. Many lingered, some even making snow angels in the leftover piles of confetti. Needless to say, Tame Impala gave Asheville an unforgettable experience.

Coverage by Drayton Peterson

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