August Burns Red Celebrates 10 Years of Constellations


August Burns Red's “Constellations” album was released 10 years ago? Already?! That is difficult to believe! We remember when it came out!

We were fortunate enough to catch the Cincinnati, Ohio concert date on this tour supporting the album anniversary which was released 10 years ago!

While standing in line, fellow fans shared their favorite tracks from their albums and live music experiences from August Burns Red.

Bringing back so much nostalgia!



As fans made their way to the front of the venue towards the main stage, the majority passed a crowd of fellow fans buying merchandise before the opening act began. The venue was filled with bombastic chatter by many excited fans. 

Moments later, the venue lights grew dim and the opening act, Silent Planet, stepped unto the main stage.

Los Angeles' Silent Planet opened the show, and the artists put on a great show ! The lead singer, Garrett Russell, jumped around the stage, shouting lyrics with passion as the audience sang along.

The entire venue was reciting the powerful lyrics of their track, "Panic Room."

As they finished their set with "Depths II,” the audience cheered.

Minutes later, the venue’s lights went dim again.



After Silent Planet’s set, the next performance was by Silverstein. The artists opened up with retrograde. The entire venue let out excited sounds!

Singing along to every word.

As the audience was waiting to hear some of their favorite tracks such a s"My Heroine,” their chatter began louder as they discussed song tracks with one another. As Silverstein performed track after track, the audience sang along with them. Lead singer, Shane Told, gleamed a smile from the adoration and energy by the fans.

Silverstein ended their set with track, "The Afterglow.” As the artists walked off stage, the audience roared with happiness and clapping.



August Burns Red kicked off their set with the track, "Thirty and Seven.”

Lead singer, Jake Luhrs, expressed how much the album meant to him, and that he couldn't believe it's been a decade since the album debut.

As the venue lights went dim and August Burns Red stepped off the stage from their enticing set, the audience shouted “One more song! One more song! One more song!"

Moments later, Matt Greiner, drummer, walked back unto the main stage. He performed a riveting set on the drums along with a drum solo.

The entire band returned to the stage and performed not one but four more songs!

It was a memorable event for many fans as they watched August Burns Red perform the anniversary show of ‘Constellations” album in it's entirety. Devoted fans reveled in nostalgia as memories were brought back from the album release. 

Coverage by Joshua Michael Estep

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