Becoming the New Wave with Against Me!


As the lights start to dim down the crowd starts to go wild. The band starts to make their way onto the stage and Laura Jane Grace following not too far behind. The energy of the crowd was contagious, you could not help but to join in and match their level of energy they gave off. The bands starts playing the melody of True Trans Soul Rebel as the lead, Laura Jane Grace, starts off the song.

The crowd went from cheering and chant the band name to singing along to the songs as they played and waving their hands into the air as they sway their bodies to the beat. The venue became more and more crowed as the songs continued to go on. From upstairs on the balcony to even outside of the venue the music blasted in the ears of the concert goers waiting to get inside. Some concert goers were out of towners wanting to see their favorite band play for the second time in Florida, on this tour.

Against Me! originated in Gainesville, Florida in 1997 by lead singer and guitarist, Laura Jane Grace. After creating three successful independent albums, Against me signed to Sire Records in 2007, for New Wave Album which reached number 57 on the Billboard 200. The band decided to launch their own record label in 2011, which they release three studio albums and Shape Shift With Me being the latest in 2016. Check out Against Me! next time they hit you town. From their music to the energy of the crowd, they’ll rock your town and life into shape.

Coverage by Tia Powell

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